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8/5/2006 6:28 pm

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sex lovely sex

Oh how I love sex I've been trying all day to fundle, undress and basically arouse my lovely lady.
I came home from work this morning, I logged on and got very aroused reading some of your lovely stories and blogs. But having just finished a nightshift I was soon flagging nad had to go to bed Having got undressed I climb into beb beside my lovely lady and cuddled up to her and went to sleep. About three hours later I wake to find an empty pillow beside me and my cock as hard as if I just been reading a really horny blog. I love feeling horny its great
There was only one problem my lady wasn't in the anyway interested.... But everything she did just made thimgs worse. She got in the shower, I watched as she ran her hands over her tits and bum. feeling my cock twitch as she washed her pussy, running her fingers between her pussy lips but she jumps out before I can get in,..
Back to the drawing board, I finish my shower still dreaming of running my hands over her body and running my finger between those love lips to play with her clit. But again when I get out I've missed my chance, shes dressed already and wants to go out
This wasn't the disaster I thought it was as the top she put on was very loose, a large vneck that kept sliding off one shoulder or the other.
This kept my naughty thoughts right at the front of my mind. When we were making dinner I noticed her bra clasp at the back, I toke a chnce and nipped over and undid it. she said oye but only made me do it back up when a friend called to our house.
My playing got worse, while watching the TV I would ran my hand up her leg until she stopped me with a slap and while reading the paper I lent over and kissed her while fondling her boob through her bra... got told to stop interupting her
But by then I was thinking this isn't working and came on the computer to read my mail but when I went back she had changed for bed.
I thought shit no sex today so I get undressed ready to go to bed. When she sees me naked she comes over and kisses me and runs her hands over my body.
With that she sit on our computer chair opens her legs pulls my by now hard cock towards her pussy. I don't need asking twice as I slide my cock into her warm moist pussy and start fucking her. But this isn't good enough so she gets up and bends over our table and tells me to fuck her from behind which I'm only to glad to do. I loving this but she wants more of me so we go into the living room were she gets on all fours and says fuck me hard and fast. The joy of hearing her moan as I pushed my cock back inside her hot wet pussy nearly made me cum but I keep going hard and fast until that moment of euphoria when I feel myself explode and she screams with joy.
Oh how I love it when a plan comes together

amoldenough 69F
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8/5/2006 6:50 pm

Congratulations. Sounds like it was worth the wait!!!!

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

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