Saying good morning  

rm_jocboyho 47M
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5/19/2006 3:24 am
Saying good morning

After sleeping in I woke to the feeling of soft lips pressing onto mine.. and a hand running over my chest. Its so nice to be woken this way. To then feel that hand slow move across my stomach to my rapidly hardening cock.
The feeling of soft fingers caressing me is mind blowing, it makes me so horny and she knows my hands will soon be search out her soft lips and her sensitive little love button.
She rolls onto her back opening her legs but keeping her soft fingers rapt around my cock, so as to remind me that she still wants to play. My fingers slide down over her lovely shaven pussy teasing her clit as they pass over it, parting her lips as I lower my head towards her. She moans and squeezes my cock as my lips come into contact with pussy lips. My tongue slips in to tease her clit a little more, again I feel her approval as she start to wank my hard cock. I'm in heaven, I slip a finger into her moist pussy she moans. If lick my tongue over her hard clit and slip in another finger, another moan of approval.. My fingers are wet with juices as they slide slowly in and out of her. I can taste those juices as she grinds her pussy onto my face and hand. Her hand on my cock is wanking me more and more rapidly as her excitement builds.
Then I feel her begin to twitch as her orgasm builds, she moans as I suck her clitoris into my mouth flicking my tongue over it more and more as she moans with approval...... Her final moan turn into a scream as she cums, her pussy grips my fingers keeping them deep inside her. Her hand squeezes around my cock as her orgasm peeks.

She rolls me off her onto my back and kisses me deeply, her breathing still rapid from her orgasm. Her hand is now wanking me softly again her fingers tease my cock with each stroke. She moves her lips down my neck kissing me all the way down. Then I feel her soft lips kiss my cock, her tongue flick the over its head.. I moan with approval as she slowly takes the head into her mouth. The feeling of those soft lips around my cock is like heaven.
Slowly to begin with she moves her head up and down my cock, wanking me with her mouth. Her hands caress the rest of me as she sucks and licks me. She wanks me with her hands as she flicks her tongue over my cock head. Then takes my cock deep inside her mouth sucking me harder and faster eager to taste my cum. I feel myself begin to lose control, she must have felt it to as suck harder willing my cum out of me.. I lose all control then cuming deep inside her mouth, she wont let go taking all my cum sucking my cock until there is no more left...

We lie together kissing and caressing each other waiting to catch our breath before saying good morning and then giggling like kids begin naughty...

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