A good night???  

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6/25/2006 4:25 pm

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A good night???

Having had a every good night tonight with no sex I'm a bit stunned!!!!
It all started last night; I picked up my lady early as she is ill at the moment, but being really nice I offer to take her friends home when they were ready to go. So come 2am I get a text asking for a lift, no problems....
I pick up all 3 of the girls still out, lovely ladies they are to, all a bit drunk but greatful not to be having to get a taxi.I drop two off no probs the third asks to chat.
We stop and chat, we talk about money, men, sex all sorts. You see she lost her husband and hasn't been with anyone since then. So we talked, sex was talked about alot who, where, how, how often....
Next thing she is ask for my opinion!!!
I'm a shy guy normally but ask and I will answer...
We talked about cocks, pussies, toys, positions, adultfriends(she is thinking about joining), and lots more... But before you know it she gets a call asking when she'll be back, she's staying at a friends and at that same moment I get a text asking where I am. This looks bad as we'd been chatting for at least an hour and a half, no kissing, snogging, nothing. So bloggers what I'd like to know is what consitutes a good night?
a) A night of passion, sex, shagging you know what I mean...
b) A long chat learning what makes your partner scream with delight and what dosen't...
c) b followed by a.
I'll leave you with this thought now, I love sex and yet I had a great night just chatting!!!

ALL the best Joc

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