Weekend and my Tattoo  

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8/20/2005 11:30 pm

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Weekend and my Tattoo

This has probably been the first weekend of my summer vacation off from college where I actually hung out with my college friends. For some reason its so weird that I feel more close to my college friends than I do with the ones back home where I live, yet I tend to go out with them in a second rather taking the extra effort to head down to Rutgers/New Brunswick to see the RU family. It was nice seeing the old gang again and wishing goodluck and saying goodbyes to the few who are transfering to other schools. It's sad that.... I just made friends with these people whom I feel more close to than anyone else before, and then they leave within a year. It's sad, but if the friendship is as close as I make it up to be I think we'll keep in touch.

Sigh, even though I do love tattoos, the cost on body modifications is by far the most investment I have put forth so far. It's costly enough just to pick out a design out of a sketch/flash art book, and then to actually draw it out and have the artists dabble their own flare into it is even more expensive. Unlike most people who usually break their cherries with small tattoos off the books or getting those played out tribals/chinese lettering, I chose to create my own chest piece; a nice traditional swallow pair which I changed a little, with stairs and a banner. That almost killed my bank account when i charged it through my debit. It's crazy how much it is just for the outline. I have to admit though, when its done healing it's well worth it....just the experience is almost titilating.

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