You never know  

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2/15/2006 4:29 pm

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You never know

You never know in your live, you are happy maybe there just a few things wrong in your relationship, and boom the bottem falls out. Here I am after 17yr of trying to do what was right with my wife and now it's over. Funny how in one moment years can be thrown away. As I look back I see the this marrage was doomed to fail. I could see how through the years we grew apart. How our interess changed, how the thing in life effected us in different ways. But most of all how the troubles of live seem to just ware on a marrage, till there is nothing left but an emty shell.
Never in my life did I think that this woman that I gave 17yr of my live to would just up and want to end it. It's so hard to believe, now mind you I was not completely happy and neather was she. But we were trying.
What makes people give up on there marrage, is the grass greener on the other side. Is there really a thing call love or are we jsut playing along with this emoitional game. Are we raised to believe that we will find love and spend our lives looking for something that is not real.
What is love? Is it all those warm and fuzzy feeling we get when were with someone. We love our pets, our mother's father's children, is it really love or just a feeling we corlate as love. And when the person that you thought you loved rips out your heart and steps on it. What then.
As I look back on my life I realy don't know if I ever really love anyone, I question my own feeling. I thought love was like the movies, maye that is not how love is at all.
Sleepless in Seattle, I thought now that is how love should be, but I never felt that way. Or Kate & Leapole is that the way love should be.
I mean how can you give your heart to someone and them they step on it. I always believe that marrage was a parntership and you work together, I guess I was wrong. Or maybe I am just not made to be married.
Well this is just some thought for you to ponder.

Please don't write mean things I have enought hurt right now, if you don't like what I wrote please be kind and just move on. thank you

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