The soul of a musician  

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1/29/2006 6:25 am

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The soul of a musician

On this page I hope to expose my soul to help others see what is in side of me, to show them the true and inner me.

In the quite of the night
As the moon shed it's still light over a land of emptiness
Two half of a hearts wonder this lonely land, searching for the other part, an attempt to fill a void of space.

My soul cry's out to one, and though the dark void of life she is no where to be found. At last no one is there to hear the crys of a lonely mam, to feel hi pain, to know the desperation, that is in his heart. Alone he travels the road of life. No one to share it, lost in a desert of lonely feeling. Left there to die alone without love that could revive his soul. And yet he hopes. The only feeling left to him, the very thing that keeps him sane. Giving him the desire to go on, to move forward, through this vast waste land.

Dawn is the time of newness, bring forth a new light that splits the darkness and brings with it a new day. It is a time of thought and deep reflection when one can look into there soul and see there true self. Sepcter shadows wander in the light causing dreams to unfold.

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