How About a Little Spice?  

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How About a Little Spice?

A question for ya'll. How many of you have actually met (and had sex) with a stranger you met on the internet? Despite the "testimonials" I see on many websites, I imagine the number is much lower than you might expect. I will use my own experience for example.

I met a girl on the internet one time, about 5 years ago. I was chatting in one of the Mississippi rooms, when a girl IM'd me. We talked for a little while (just general chat), and then she started to ask sexual questions. I, of course, was happy to carry the conversation to a more intimate level, and answered her questions and asked a few of my own.

She was a little younger than me, (22), and was a graduate student at USM. She was also raised as a devout Pentacostal, and aparently had some serious problems resolving her religion with her sexual urges. She got away from home, discovered the internet (and internet porn), and was very sexually frustrated. She said she was a virgin, but she sure didn't talk like one in the chat room.

Well, to cut out some of the extraneous details, she described herself to me (she was a little bit on the big side, but not too bad). She also said she had long black hair that reached to her waist. I was not sure I really wanted to continue the conversation until she mentioned that fact. I love long hair. I will do almost anything to be with a long-haired woman. Anyways, she asked for my phone number, and despite my reservations, I gave it to her. She then called me, and we had a conversation that lasted about an hour. It was around 10:00 pm at this point, and my wife was at her mother's for the weekend. I knew that I could get away with it, but I wasn't quite sure if I should try to talk her in to meeting me.

She took care of that. She asked what I would say if she invited me over right now. I said I didn't know, and she told me that she wanted me RIGHT NOW! But, if I didn't come immediately, she would chicken out. Long story short---she asked me to come over, gave me directions to her apartment, and I summoned up my courage and told her I would be there in 30 minutes.

I can't imagine how a woman must feel, meeting a stranger for the first time in a private place. I was a bit apprehensive myself. What if she was bait for a robbery or for some crazed murderous team of psychotics? I am a faily muscular man in decent shape, and I don't usually fear for my saftey, but on this night I was extremely nervous. What if....I can't imagine how she must have felt when I rang her doorbell at 10:30 that night. Her roommate went home for the weekend, and the apartments were quiet. Most of the residents were gone. Only a couple of cars were in the parking lot. She was terrified, and exhilirated at the same time.

She had just gotten out of the shower, and her long black hair was still wet. She had on a bathrobe, and was towelling dry her hair. She had told me on the phone that she was a "big girl", but she had not been very specific. Actually, she had a nice feminine, curvy figure. She was not obese, and I really liked her smile and her hair. She also had these deep brown eyes that were huge, and looked big enough to swim in. We sat on her couch and chatted for a while. Turns out that we had both worked for the same company (but not at the same time). We had some mutual acquaintances.

Finally, after about an hour of general chat (no sexual content at all), she told me she could make some coffee and we could chat some more, or we could stop talking and find something else to occupy our time. I asked her if she were sure this was what she wanted, and she told me that she was burning up inside, and that if I didn't fuck her right now, she might lose her nerve. She was very religious, and I could tell she was very torn. I decided at that moment that she wasn't ready for sex, and that she would probably regret it greatly in the morning. She was a very sweet girl, and I didn't want to be the cause of any pain or regret for her. So I politely said that I thought it would be best if I just went home.

She looked disappointed, and actually teared up a little. I could see the moisture in her eyes, and I felt like a real jerk. She asked if I would just kiss her one time before I left, that she understood that I wasn't comfortable in the situation. Well, I decided to kiss her one time. Then leave. No turning back. So we kissed. She may have been a virgin, but she was a VERY aggressive kisser. As our lips met, she reached up and grabbed the back of my head with her hand and forced her tongue into my mouth. She was frenetic, and I immediately got aroused. I had not been kissed with such an obvious passion in years!

Wow. I didn't realize this post was getting to be so long. Anyways, once she kissed me hard, my hands found their way into her hair. It was long and black, and reached to her waist (just as she had told me), but I was surprised to find that it was thick and coarse, not silky as I had imagined. I was disappointed to feel how coarse her hair was. It was almost like horse hair, and did not feel as sexy and sensual as I had hoped. But, her passionate kisses made up for the hair disapointment, and she grabbed my right hand (while still wriggling her tongue in my mouth) and slid it down to her ass. I grabbed her ass cheek tightly, and started to caress it. When we broke for air a moment later, she said I could walk out the door or walk into her bedroom. She went to her bedroom door, looked over her shoulder at me, and then let her bathrobe drop to the floor. Then she disappeared into the darkened room, and I stood alone in the living room, trying to decide what to do. This decision-making process seemed to take forever, but probably lasted just a couple of seconds. I followed her into the bedroom.

Since this post is getting to be very long, I will skip some of the torrid details. In her room, she quickly stripped off my clothes. Remember, she claimed she was a virgin. I had my doubts, but didn't care enough to ask her again. She was definitely inexperienced. After she pulled my briefs off, she grabbed my already erect cock and started yanking on it like it was the pull start for a lawnmower. Other little signs emerged that indicated that maybe she really was a virgin. She asked me to 69 her, as she had never had anyone lick her pussy before. Her frank, straightforward language was kind of shocking, coming from a self-proclaimed strict Pentacostal girl. That was one of the things about her that really turned me on. When she went down on me, it was just fast, steady head-bobbing. No change of pace, or teasing and licking. She just sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner.

She came twice from my tongue. Her orgasms were signalled by contractions of her vagina, and a lot of whimpering. No loud moaning or screaming, but that may have been due to the fact that she lived in a small apartment and didn't want the neighbors to hear her. Then I decided to introduce her to the G-spot massage. When I inserted my finger into her, she was VERY tight. I massaged her a few moments to loosen her up, and then hit her G-spot with a serious massage, lots of pressure. Immediately, she squealed "What are you doing to me!?" Where are you touching me?". I told her it was her G-spot, and asked if she liked it. She said yes, don't stop, she had never experienced anything like that before. After about 2 minutes of massage, she had a massive orgasm, and squirted all over the bed. She was shaking at this point, and crying just a little bit. She said she had no idea that sex could feel this good. Now, she wanted me inside her.

While I put on a condom, she pulled out a little plastic vibrator. She told me she had used the vibrator many times, but had never had anything as big as my cock in her before. My cock is NOT big. It is a tad over 6 inches. This led me to believe she might really be a virgin, or she played the part of an innocent church girl really well. When I eased myself on top of her and positioned my cock for entry, I found that she was very tight. Even the finger massage had not loosened her up enough for easy penetration, despite the fact that she was dripping wet. I slowly eased into her, and asked her to tell me if it hurt. If this really was her first experience with intercourse, I did not want it to be painful. I eased back and forth a few times, slowly going in a little deeper each time. Her vagina kept contracting, pushing against me, and she whimpered a little bit, but quickly assured me it didn't hurt, she just felt a little pressure.

When I finally slid all the way in, I laid still for a moment. She was breathing in fast, short bursts, and after waiting a moment to make sure she was comfortable, I gave my hips a little wiggle to stimulate her clitoris. She immediately had another gushing orgasm, and sank her nails into my back while squeezing my torso with her legs. That alone almost made me cum instantly, but I held back, fought it as hard as I could. I did not want to cum yet! She, despite her obvious inexperience, was a wonderful partner. She wanted to do almost everything she had ever seen or read about. We spent the next two hours trying all the positions she had ever seen or heard about. Some she said were uncomfortable or awkward, but her-on- top and doggy-style were her two favorites. She had 4 or 5 more orgasms, and loved pinning the little plastic vibrator between my body and her clitoris. Finally, after two hours, my balls were aching. The pain from my nuts had spread from my groin all the way up into my lower back. I had to cum soon, or I was afraid my nuts would explode. I told her that I had to finish up, and she told me she didn't want me to cum inside her. Even with a condom (we had changed out condoms twice already to prevent tearing or leakage), she was terrified of getting pregnant. So she told me to fuck her doggy style, and then to pull out before I had my orgasm. I did this, and when I pulled out, she flipped over and grabbed my cock, yanked off the condomm, and pulled it like a madwoman until I came all over her tits and stomach. I was sexually exhausted at this point, and collapsed in a heap on the bed. She actually played with my cum, running her fingers through it and smearing it all over her breasts. I have never had a woman do this before, and I felt my cock actually twitch and try to get erect again just watching her.

However, I knew that it was time to get home. It was almost 2:00 am, and I was very tired. She tried to get up from bed, but her legs were twitching so hard that she had to sit down. When I asked her if she had enjoyed her experience, she said yes, very much. She made her way to her feet, and staggered into the bathroom to clean up. Then she wanted to just sit on the couch and cuddle for a few minutes. I obliged, and, not to my surpries, she started to act a little sad. She asked me (rhetorically, I hope), if she would ever find a man, or would she be doomed to being the "other woman". I didn't know what to say, so I just sat there with her until she leaned over and kissed me, and said she needed to get to bed. She actually thanked me for coming over, and I said that I should be thanking her. After 10 years of marriage, I had forgotten what playful, passionate, exploratory sex was like. She had been a fun experience, and I secretly hoped that I had performed well enought that maybe she would invite me back some day. I wasn't looking for anything serious or permanent, but an occasional dalliance with her would be nice. I also understood that she was very lonely. She had moved to Hattiesburg from a small town, and didn't have many friends. She spent her time doing schoolwork, and didn't go out to the bars and clubs like other students because she was afraid someone might see her and tell her parents. I had mixed emotions about seeing her again. I knew that I could, but I also didn't want to lead her on and let her think that it could be something permanent. We had discussed this up front, and she said she was cool with it. But seeing her obvious loneliness, I still felt bad. She wanted, like all people, to not be alone all the time.

Anyways, as I kissed her one more time on my way out of the door, I playfully asked her if all Pentacostal girls fuck like she does. She grinned, and replied that she didn't know. She had never fucked a Pentacostal girl. I really got a kick out of her quick mind!

As I was leaving her upstairs apartment, I passed two very hot looking college girls on the landing below the apartment. They both looked at me and grinned. I'm sure they could smell the sex on me, and they had to have known what was happening directly above them. As I walked to my truck, I heard one of them say to the other that she was glad that girl finally got laid, maybe she would be more pleasant now.

Well, that is a true story of my experience with an internet sex partner. This post turned into a very long one. Hopefully it was written well enough that most of you finished it. Maybe a lady or two would like to be the subject of my next post. If so, contact me. If you want to contact me but not be written about, I will respect your wishes.

Next time, I'll tell you what happened with this young lady in the weeks after this encounter. There is more to this story, so keep checking back.

Later, folks!

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