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5/19/2005 6:28 pm

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May 19, 2005 - today has been a day!!! We just got home from my daughter's school - a Mentor's Ice Cream Social - (she's in 5th grade)....and that was after sitting in the dentist chair for an hour - mouth is hanging to the ground - face is numb...I HATE DENTISTS!!! but...this is all part of my big plan.....to be as healthy as I can be - by this time next year......

Monday - I go back to the nutritionist for final visit before surgery - then psych eval is Friday next week - (I finished that 547 question MMPI - is there anyone out there that thinks that test is as stupid as I do....???) What they are looking for is if someone has an eating disorder - or if someone is using their weight as a means of dealing with some sexual trauma....etc....which none of the above apply to me...

the time is getting closer....I officially quit smoking next Friday - I have to be one month smoke free in order to go forward with the surgery....so.....wish me luck.....(I quit last year for 15 days...and out of sheer boredom - started back...) the patch works wonders for me...

ok..nuff for the night - tired and TGIF tomorrow!!!

~ jiinxxss

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