Sharing my experience with you.....  

rm_jiinxxss 57F
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5/1/2005 5:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sharing my experience with you.....

My journey.....begins....

This is the biggest change I have ever had to make in my life...but I am doing this for the right reasons....because I want to LIVE!!

At present, my health is fine....but I am borderline for this....for that...(pre-diabetic, pre-hyper-tension, I have severe sleep apnea...edema in my lower legs.....)

I have heard so many people ask me why would I do something so drastic....why not just exercise...believe me, I wish it was that simple...but over the last five years..when I put on most of my weight...due to stress..the depo-provera certainly hasn't been because of my diet..

I do eat sensibly...but lack of exercise keeps the weight on...but it's painful to stand for periods of time...walking becomes hard to do..short of breath...pain in the hips, ankles...

So...I have come to fault I know...but I am only 45 years old...and as much as I would love to have my kids with me forever...they soon will have their own lives...and I do not want to be a burden on them...all because of my weight...

When the time comes, I want to be healthy and active....and live to see them give me grandkids..etc...

Most of all....I want to see them continue to grow into successful adults...

watch me go......share my experience.....ask me questions...share your experiences.....

True.....this sight is an adult site.....a sex site....and maybe not the place to share this....but ... I have come to know many here...and I want to share my journey....and I'm hopeful....that with all of this..I am able to find my watch and share with me this journey on a more intimate basis...

Is there such a man that is strong take on such a challenge....

smileguyqc 53M

5/1/2005 8:08 am

Good luck on your journey, it would be wonderful to hear how you are doing along the way.

bbwredhed_34 46F
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5/1/2005 8:25 am

My hats off to you for having the courage to do this. I myself go between being desperate too and thinking I can do this all on my own. Please keep writing this. I would love to hear your experiences.

rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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5/1/2005 9:51 am

I think you made a courageous decision!! There are risks with any surgery, as well as being overweight!! I, myself am going through diet and weightloss, not because of lack of selfconfidence, but because there are things in life that I would love to experience!! I thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life and hope you keep us informed along the way!!!

olioli77 39M
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5/1/2005 10:51 am

allo tu es vraiment jolie tu sais jespere te reparler bientot

wyvernrose 38F
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5/1/2005 12:16 pm

good luck, I have always had a problem either gaining weight or losing it, my body doesn't like to change at all, only time I seem to do so is when pregnant and more often I lose it than gain, sex works for me though, it is the only thing that ever has other than a strong dose of stress during pregnancy...

Good luck


rm_jiinxxss 57F
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5/1/2005 4:46 pm

Thanks so much all.....sometimes in life we reach a point that as hard as it may be to reach out and say hey...."I need the support...." and this is one of those's a major change in my life...and knowing there are people behind me...watching and encouraging and are supportive...makes the journey that much easier...

The support I ask for it the emotional's going to be a journey for that doesn't just end at the completion of the surgery....but for those moments that may be harder then others....learning to maintain an exercise program when it's the last thing I want to do...and this area is the one I think will be the toughest for me...

so..let me say thanks!! and watch me go....pound after pound after pound....


rm_Minnguy58 58M
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5/1/2005 8:26 pm

Good Luck with your journey, I have a couple I know have this done and it has made a big change in their lives in so many different ways. They too were worried about the long term effects that their weight was having and going to have on their health. They feel this was one of the best choices they have made. They do exercise now and have so much more energy that they cant sit still. They are now riding bicycles, swimming, walking, do so many things that the rest of us take for granted. They were so pround when they could buy clothes of the rack that actually fit them.
It is a hard decision to makes and not to be taken lightly. All I can tell you is to be very informed on it and all the complications that can happen. I am sure you will make the proper one for you. Keep us informed and I wish the best of luck to you in your choice.

rm_jiinxxss 57F
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5/2/2005 2:56 am

thanks Minnguy.......your encouragement and support is sincerely appreciated....

I think through anything you do in your life....especially something as such as this that will impact the rest of my life...but I'm going into this with a positive outlook...and one that I have researched well.

Certainly there are complications...with any major surgery...and prior to this the only "major" surgery I had was a cesarean for the birth of my daughter. It is not something to take lightly or go into it with thoughts of a quick fix....

I have researched alot of avenues - and continue to - with the help of my doctor and soon with my surgeon...I think it helps that at the moment I am in fairly good health - I stay active...and another thing...which was one of the hardest things I've done in my life....was to give up smoking...I have gone down to ten a day - and next week is my quit day....(I have to be a minimum of one month smoke free)....

challenges abound.....but watch me go....


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