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"Self-acceptance" and "size-rights" mean a person is not degraded, demeaned, or denied the basic rights of human existence by themselves or others because of their physical size, whether large or small. It means being treated fairly and with the respect that any human being deserves. It means that no matter what ANYONE thinks of me or my body, they don't have the right to abuse me because of it.

Under no circumstances should other members of society deny someone their basic human rights based solely on their "distaste" for their physical appearance -- including fair housing, a job if their talents and experience meet the qualifications, freedom from physical and mental abuse from family as well as strangers on the street, and so on. When it happens as "racial discrimination" there is an outcry. When it's "size-discrimination" it's tolerated, even encouraged.

Far too often, people outside an individual's range of "acceptable size" , are judged to be "unhealthy" and subjected to lectures about how people are concerned about their "health" and that they should expect better. "Concern" and "acceptance" are two very different things. Wrongly, people think "acceptance" means giving up and not taking care of yourself. That is FAR from the truth. In fact, the more accepting a person is of themselves, the more likely they are to take good care of themselves.

TRUE advocates of the "self-acceptance/size-rights" school of thinking do not preach that any physical size is right and someone of another size is wrong, whether large OR small. They do not preach that anyone should be fat... or that anyone should be thin, nor that you should -- or should not -- be attracted to any particular body type. They believe in the tolerance of differences in people's bodies and the belief that body size does not automatically make someone "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong", "healthy" or "unhealthy".

Self-acceptance means not attempting to alter the size of one's body to satisfy the demands or attitudes of others, especially to conform to their criteria for physical "beauty". It means moving the body you have, eating healthy foods and NOT being a slave to a number on a scale or a clothing tag.

True advocates of the size-acceptance movement do not oppose losing weight and they don't condemn anyone who does lose weight. Rather they oppose "dieting" for the sole goal of losing weight because in most cases, dieting does not work in the long term nor does it guarantee a state of good health.

Instead, they believe that having an active lifestyle, exercising, eating nutritious foods and maintaining a steady weight, even if it's a high weight, is healthier than striving to maintain a weight that is "artificial" for their body by "dieting" and starvation. They've come to understand that losing weight is not always just a matter of "having some self-control", and that they are not a failure or success in life because of what they weigh.

People who have achieved size/self- acceptance have substituted the endless ride on the "dieting" roller coaster with a simple three-point health sanity plan:
1) eat a variety of truly healthy foods,
2) be active physically because it's fun and feels good
3) treasure your body as it is at any given moment.

Self/size-acceptance means not putting your life on hold because you are not a Size "___" (whatever....)

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My wife Tea has lost about 40 lbs over the last year, through exercise and healthy eating. She has been working with a dietician. Her motivation 1) her mother died of diabetes and 2) her father died of a heart attack. She wants to live a long and happy life. Wants to be able to run and play with her kids for along time. I like the idea that in society there shouldn't be a right or wrong body image but I think we should all strive to be healthy and happy. Your thoughts dwell mostly on weight and how this body image affects your life. Being male and short (not just short small) I have a different body image problem. Why should we worry about these things at all, I mean there is only so much you can do to make yourself look better. We need to be ourselves and do the things that make us happy regardless, I think.

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smiles......hi!! I have to answer your response....

I am having fun posting all the information that I am finding - some in relation to me personally and others - just to share....

I grew up "chubby" and in fact my nickname from my father is "chubby"....but then when I was 19 - 20 I wanted to go into the Navy so badly....and I exercised and dieted and lost over 65 pounds....got down to a size 10/12 and 142 lbs...and I felt fabulous...but at that point....I felt it was more cosmetic then and I ended up gaining the weight back....(and NOT going into the Navy)...

I had my kids at 28 and 32, respectively, and I gained 32 lbs with my son (now 16) and then 98 lbs with my daughter (now 12) (she was born premature and I had pre-eclampsia).....some of the weight came off and alot stayed....

I completed college....I was working full time and raising two kids, one of which is disabled....

Then in 99....a marriage....a divorce in 01....a move to Alaska - and a move back to Wisconsin .... STRESS STRESS STRESS......

I have come to terms in my life that - it's NOT about what others think of me....I am not here to prove anything to anyone.....but myself....and so....I am not doing this because I care what "society" says as a whole...but rather...for me...because I long to be able to walk from my car (two parking lots away from my job in the government center) and not be short of breath....and not to feel pressure on my chest...or have pain in my hips, ankles, legs....needing only to sit for just a moment....

I long to be able to bike ride with my kids....to say yes to walking the MOA....rather then shudder with fear as to how far I can make it before I tire and need to get back to the car - home....and then fear ...how far did I go and how far do I have to get back...to my car...

so my new found friend.....I am not worried about the cosmetic part of all this as much as I do about how FABULOUS I am going to feel and ESTACTIC about what all I can do once this weight starts coming off....the cosmetic part smiles......will be the icing on the cake...

thanks hun....for the thoughts....I enjoy sharing with you...and congrats to your wife!!! You go girl!!

smileguyqc 53M

5/3/2005 8:15 pm

Sounds like your doing this for all the right reasons, good for you! Keep us posted on whats happening.

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