Who's on First (cunt-inued)  

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7/30/2005 11:59 pm

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Who's on First (cunt-inued)

WOW, its 2:30 in the morning and I'm writing our BLOG update already (we just finished partying), I must be really impressed with the events of this evening...
Well as you know from our last BLOG entry, I (male) was asked if I would entertain a couple that had not partied in a while but they wanted to party with someone they were comfortable with, but today the day of the party I got an email asking if they could bring a "female" friend, and I said OF COURSE (I might be dumb, but I aint stupid), but the female friend for privacy sake, lets call her "N" was only interested in being with the female of the couple for privacy sake, lets call her "S" I was entertaining, so I knew at this point worst thing that could happen is I was going to see 2 women getting it on, WOOO HOOO every man's dream. We planned to meet at the bar of the hotel, and when I walk in, their in the bar having drinks and I look across the table and I see "N" a vision of loveliness and all I can think is "I hope she's playing tonight because I can't wait to see her naked and eating this pussy sitting next to me".
Well we go upstairs and everyone is relaxing and drinking and I disrobe, then "S" disrobed and "N" says, "I guess I'll join the no pants club too". So now we're all naked and I'm rubbing "S" on her tits and then I say to her, lets turn you towards "N" so she can see this pretty pussy and "N" replies. I LOVE TO EAT PUSSY...........TBC, It's now 3:00am and I am being summoned to bed, I'll finish this blog tomorrow or Monday. We are at the jersey shore tomorrow, (hell it's tomorrow..now) so I don't I'll be doing it tomorrow...

8/02/05 UPDATED......
Back to the Saturday night...So I turn "S" towards "N" with her legs spread wide and "N" goes in for it like a champion, I mean she was eating "S" like she hadn't had a meal in 3 days. So as "N" is eating "S" I decide to get some head from "S" so I move toward her and she immediately grabs my dick and begins to give me some good head. I mean she was licking and tonguing the shaft and everything, But I knew I wasn’t gonna cum...SO as "N" is eating that pussy I was asking her "how the pussy tastes and if she was having fun" and all she kept doing was smiling at me . So I can assume she was having as much a good time as the rest of us were, during this whole time "S's" husband is finger fucking "N" and she is gyrating and humping his finger, so I guess everyone was in on the action...So I asked "S" you gonna give the same good pussy eating rite and she said "I might" I said "the way she eating your pussy you need to show her some love back". So after about 45 minutes of "N" eating "S". "S" was ready for some dick, so I gladly obliged, we fucked for about 1/2 and hour, yall know all my favorite positions including the SIDE SIZZOR, which seemed to do the trick again. While I'm fucking "S", her husband is eating "N" ("N" got her pussy eaten all nightlong, lucky devil Then I needed a break and I said, I want to see "S" eat "N" so "S"s husband stopped and "S" commenced to eating "N"s pussy like you don’t know. Since I'm such a voyeur the whole time I keep looking "N" in the face to see her reaction and she is just loving it. The visual arouses me and my dick decided "break is over" so I began to fuck "S" doggie style while she ate "N"s pussy. This went on for another 1/2 hour or so, and while I'm fucking "S" I'm noticing, N and I are exchanging "subtle glances" every now and again, so I'm thinking WAIT, I might have a chance at getting some of that sweet pussy(remember she was there only for pussy, so I wasn't even looking to fuck her) .....that’s my story and I'm sticking to it....Then all of the sudden, while I was fucking "S" I felt "N"s leg rub against me, you know that "how ya doing big boy" rub, so at this point I'm OVERLY EXCITED and "S" is getting all the benefits of it. So out of my mouth comes "you know if you want, you can have some of this too" and without skipping a beat "N" says "DEFINITLEY got to get some of that before the nights over". I was like YEAH!!!! So after "S" is finished eating "N". We all take a break for a minute and since I bought my laptop with me (it comes to every party), we were on.. YAH-00 I-M, and I noticed a female friend who well call "B" was online and "B" is as big a voyeur and exhibitionist as I am...So I said hey "B" kind of got some friends who'd like to see a little something something, she seemed a little hesitant at first but and she made me dragggggggggggggggggg it out of her but she eventually gave us a little show and that got the party re started...and we said thanks and started getting busy again, I began to fuck "S" this time in the SIDE SIZZOR and from the look on her face, the scissors were sharp I was CUTTIN quite well and as I'm cuttin, so to speak...LOL "S"s husband begins to finger fuck and eat "N" again. Then "S" says "I have to go Pee Pee" So here's my opportunity to get some of "N" I looked over at "N" and said your ready for some of this and she said YES and (I love this part), I walk over towards her and "S"s husband and he is still licking her clit and finger fucking her and I lift "N"s leg to get in position, "S"s husband backs his face away but keeps his finger in "N"s pussy and as I get ready to mount he pulls his finger out of "N"s pussy and a long stream of pussy juice follows his finger tip out of her pussy, I was like DAMN that pussy is wet as hell. So I get on top and put her up and begin to fuck her in the raised missionary position...let me tell ya this pussy was soooo tight, it felt like 2 hands were in there jacking me off (fellas ever had a 2 handed hand job) you're a deprived man if ya haven’t...ANYWHO, so I'm fucking her and I'm looking at her body and she had the prettiest pink nipple you'd ever want to see, so I had to suck them...was only the rite thing to do...lol..Then I put "N in the side doggie position, I tried to get her legs up for the side scissor, but it just wasn't seeming to happen, so side doggie it was, then I put her in the doggie position on the edge of the bed and then the FROGGY position and that almost got my nutt, but I was able to keep my composure...after that we took another break and then I felt this need to orgasm and so I asked "which one of you ladies want to get me off" and with the straightest COLGATE smile, "S" says meeeeeeeeee, so I put her the missionary position and then the SIDE SCIZZOR and we got our orgasms together, well she was having little ones the whole time, but I could feel them really good while I was inside after my orgasm..and of course "N" was getting her pussy eaten by "S"s husband again and she came a little bit after "S" and I did and that was the end of the festivities, we talked for about the next hour of so and everyone was hungry at this point, and near the end of the conversation I told "N" that was a FIRST for me...She was the FIRST person I had been with that was pierced.. and she told me she had never been with a BLACK MAN...so I was the FIRST BLACK MAN she had ever been with, so I ask WHO'S on FIRST?????

PS. took pictures and video but the video was all pussy eating, but the pics are HOT!!! look for them in network...

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7/31/2005 4:59 am

I am glad that you had a good time and a little spice by me could contribute however remember a deal is a deal. So the next few days my wicked little mind will be turning with ideas for you to pay up.
Hugs and Kisses

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8/1/2005 4:29 am

All I can say is sorry we missed it come back soon

Re & St

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