Lets call this one..... RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOUR SURE  

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7/20/2005 6:12 pm

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Lets call this one..... RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOUR SURE

Well to be perfectly honest with you, the under arms werent the issue...We recently got an email from a couple asking us to give them some advise on a smelly situation, so we answered them and yes we have there permission to show the email, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent LOL and leave comment as to what you would have done in the same situation, hey we've been in this situation before. HERE'S THE EMAIL THEY WROTE US........

"We finally got with our first couple! Yeah! And since you guys are so knowledgable about the subject and I wanted to ask your opinion on an "issue" I had...

The couple was cool, not physically our "type" but we vibed really well and that was what was most attractive. We chatted for about a month before, met in a non-sexual situation, click and we booked a hotel room for the following weekend. We hooked up with each other, (full swap) the experience of it was fantastic. I am getting it from every which way...I'm watching my hubby do a damn show, it was totally stimulating.

Here's the issue part...So I do wifey, I do my hubby, then I go to give the other hubby a blow job everything is going great, and the d is good, I go to deep throat it and his nuts smell musty...I was so turned off. His wife was squeaky clean, but this dude (not a good situation). Now we established before hand that great hygiene was a must beforehand, and I showered beforehand, I gave the wife a little pupu shave and shower before hand, my hubby washed up before hand, but in hindsight, I don't remember seeing Homeboy get in the shower. Now his body didn't smell, just the nuts...everything was great except this part and now I'm turned off. I told my husband and he thinks we shouldn't mess with them again. Just find a new couple and emphasize taking a shower before we get to the do... I was thinking that I should tell them, but my husband said that it would be too embarrassing for everyone...what do you think?
First let me thank you for allowing us to offer you advice we truly think it’s an honor and privilege when couples ask for our advice. Now as to your experience with that couple....FIRST, We’re glad you guys talked for a MONTH (very nice) and VIBED with the other couple, and although they weren't your type "physically" we’re glad you looked past that and looked deeper into who they were as opposed how they looked (says allot about you guys), we are the same way to an extent. SECONDLY, we’re glad you enjoyed the experience OVERALL, but sometime things don’t always go as planned but this could/should have been avoided (on the other couples part). THIRDLY...We’re glad you didn't over react and do or say something inappropriate at the time and waited until afterwards to discuss it with your significant other, also It's always a good move for EVERYONE to take a SHOWER either JUST BEFORE PARTYING or as the party is commencing (make it part of the party, everybody get they asses in LO. Guys (if heavier) sometimes when heated or excited sweat allot and if he hadn't showered recently it can sometimes get very funky/musty down there, but usually that happens with LARGER guys, smaller guys (weight) usually don’t have that issue in that region since sweat evaporates faster, (and momma...you shouldn't have continued to give him head once you smelled his NUTTS were funky/musty, you should have IMMEDIATELY started giving him a HAND JOB...So guys if your girl starts off giving you head, then IMMEDIATELY starts giving you a hand job...CHECK YO NUTTS..LOL (I kill me)....FORTHLY (is that a word) and last but not the least, "How should you all handle the situation" HONESTY is always the best policy and it should be done with class and style (which you guys appear to have) if you guys choose to see them again. BUT if you choose NOT to see them again...I think AVOIDING them isn't going to be easy since you had such a great time with them (they will want more), so you'll need to plan an "exit strategy" (unlike the Bush administration) to make sure the opportunity never arises for you guys to hook up again...In that same situation We’re not sure what we would do but We’re sure you guys will make the rite decision, hope we were of some help... PS. they emailed us back and said when she smelled his nutts she IMMEDIATELY started giving him a hand job So the moral of the story is the next time you play ask yourself.. (guys and gals) R U SURE?????

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7/21/2005 8:29 am

Ok you and I discussed this the other night. Personally I don't understand how folks are not aware of their own hygiene problems or try to make sure that is under control. In the immortal words of my Grandmother there is no shame in poverty but there is def. shame in being dirty. If they choose to hock up with this couple again I would def. make sure that homeboy hoops in the shower and hits his balls. In the last couple of weeks my hubby and I have discovered several things. Things that are common sense to us may not be common sense to someone else so make sure you cover all bases before hooking up including HYGIENE. (Smelliness is not neg. Ever)
K & K

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7/23/2005 5:21 pm

hmmm makes you wonder why dogs even sniff it before they hit it. When people are use to being musty they are use to the smell so they don't know anything different until someone tells them. My thought on this is that if someone doesn't know they have an oder then they are probably don't take care of themselves on a daily basis. Anyone can AXE it for a night so be slick and as tacky as it may sound you have to sniff it before you lick it or suck it. My saying is this
"If it smells like it has a taste then don't eat it"


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7/25/2005 6:13 pm

LOL.....S&R yall a trip, hope to see yall Saturday night....

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