Giving advise on "How to successfully throw an Adult Party"  

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3/8/2005 6:08 pm

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Giving advise on "How to successfully throw an Adult Party"

Update 3/7/05
Last Monday we were asked by another couple here on AdultFriendFinder to give them some pointers on how to host their first "ADULT PARTY" for the coming Saturday (past).
So we emailed them back, gave them our number and told them to call us ASAP to see if we could be of some assistance to them. They called us and after a brief chat we decided to meet Wednesday for dinner and talk about it a little more in depth, again we’re all about making fantasies a reality.
"Mx n Re" were your ordinary, everyday, down to earth couple (again not unusual to us) BUT it seems everyone who ISN'T into this seem to think people who ARE into this are some sort of freaks, but I know someday we'll meet some freaks because like everything else in life "you meet all types" but that's besides the point, this couple was a lot of fun to hang out with.
So here's the advise we gave them and hopefully you can gain some insight also on "How to successfully throw an Adult Party” we don't like to call them "swinger or lifestyle parties" due to the negative connotation connected to them.

1. PLAN YOUR PARTY MONTHS N ADVANCE...Don't get us wrong we've thrown a few last minute parties and they've gone off with out a hitch, and we've had a few we've planned weeks and months ahead of time at the request of other couples and they NOT show up, but you better your chances of a successful party if its planned in advance but remember this is AdultFriendFinder and unless your name is "GEPPETTO" there's no possible way to MAKE them show up...We know, we've been stood up more than Don Kings hair during an electrical

2. KEEP YOUR PARTIES SMALL (4 to 5 couples at most) anything past that can get out of hand or too much for one couple to handle, and you want your guest to feel comfortable and for your party to feel like an “intimate affair” if not you'll end up doing more hosting than participating, and you'll want to have fun at your own parties or they are not even worth throwing believe us...
Also consider this, we don’t charge a “cover” for our parties and since they are smaller the expenses are manageable and we can absorb them ourselves. We just can’t see mixing money with sex; it seems too much like prostitution or a “fee based” sexual experience.

3. NEVER THROW A PARTY AT YOUR HOME...Throw the party at a local HOTEL, yes HOTEL not MOTEL. Show others you have a have some class (that's just our personal preference), its all in the presentation. Think about it, why do you think females and couples on AdultFriendFinder only want to hook up with the other females and couples with the "BEST PICS". Did you notice I didn't say single guys, mannnnnnnnn some of them would jack off to a picture of a “whole in a wall” if the picture had hair on it.... LOL, I kill me...

4. CONTACT YOUR GUEST BY PHONE....Take the initiative and give them your phone number. We can't tell you how many times couples have kept emailing us after we've given them our phone number. Let’s keep it real, we all have cell phones with "nights and weekends minutes" so also make sure you’re available after 9:00pm if that's what it takes. Then if they don’t call after your 2nd attempt asking them to call you "K.I.M" (keep it moving) they are not ready and probably still experimenting with it and your not gonna make them ready, people move at their own pace.

Now don’t get us wrong, have fun, be creative, make friends, be open to new things and people (not saying change your sexuality or experiment if that’s not you) and if all else fails, just fuck or make love (your preference) to your spouse, because in the end that's really what it all boils down too doesn’t it, you both having honest, open and pleasurable sexual experiences together…
By the way, we went to the party and helped set up and gave pointers and it was a success and we’ve made new friends, and believe it or not the idea of us hooking up never came to mind…

rm_jiggy_nubn1 46M/F
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3/14/2005 2:43 pm

Thank for your support and the support of others is payment enough for us..

brazilienhotness 47M/46F

8/20/2005 2:35 pm

This advice definitely worked for us. We never threw a "party with benefits" but we followed this blue print and it was a huge success.

K & K

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