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11/23/2005 4:17 pm

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My Blogthe next day

My wife says that she needs to find herself, not sure just what that is suppose to mean, any way she tells me that I should do the same. So while she is out exploring her new world I'm sitting here trying to figure out what mine is. How do I start and where do I go. This is all new to me and I'm lost in what in what I'm seeing. Can anyone help me out?


11/23/2005 5:26 pm

Well, is there any scenario that you've ever pictured as "good lovin'" that doesn't include your wife?

That might be a start.

It's really tough with such little knowledge of the situation to know what to say about this.

If it turns out that you and your wife really need to get to know each other again then this reacquantance should definitely include getting down to nitty gritty, interior private mental spaces which would include anything to do with your collective sexuality. With many folks (myself included) that's not the simplest thing in the world to do with another but I would guess that maybe that's never really been done before on a grand scale with you two. And doing this now for you will require a relatively sychronized team effort and a rather high degree of effective communication. And possibly a "coach/referee" and/or counsellor as well. (therapist type)

The problem with trying to really do that now would be if she's really into doing it or not. There can be crucial timing windows with this and if they are missed it's oftentimes too late to salvage.

I've seen a few marriages of people I know sort of dry up forever when they've been right about at the point yours seems to be but I wouldn't necesarily say that yours will suffer the same fate.

Good luck with it all though and no matter what you should be doing a lot of learning a growing (and hopefully not suffering) through dealing with this,


PS. The real value in this place for me is getting a real look into the those types of interior mental spaces that I mentioned above. Blogland is loaded with them. How would you react if you were now able to fully see the honest mental spaces your wife is now going? And what are your own?

Those questions aren't for my sake but are for you to answer for yourself.


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