Looking for love in all the wrong places.  

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8/13/2006 10:22 am

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Looking for love in all the wrong places.

While all persons seemingly seek that perfect mate to go through life with, all thought they had at one time found that person. Some who are young may have thought it was that first love. Others, more mature my have thought it was thier last relationship. Only to find that thier lives somehow grew apart.

I do not pretend to know more than the next person but see many people looking in a way in which they are doomed to fail.

Many women describe thier ideal man as; Nonjudgemental, Romantic, Attentive, Strong, Good Looking, Truthful, Fun, Well Endowed and numerous other adjectives to describe thier perect man. And many men use these same words to describe themselves.

The problem is, that there are no perfect men or women. They are looking for someone who does not exist. Any man who describes himself with having all these qualities is only lying to himself and anyone who might believe him.The best anyone can do is to strive to have these qualities and along the way understand that we are only human.

The wrong place is not the location from which this person might be looking, such as a bar, a church, a park or AdultFriendFinder but the mindset they have in looking for a person. While looking for that perfect person, many if not all will pass them by like to ships in the night.

One's attraction to another can not always be explained. But love in a relationship can only develope over time. Many times a person will present to another a quality which they do not really possess, time will be the true measure as to the posssession of these qualities.

This philosphy is but one man's opinion, mine, place the amount of weight upon it that you feel it deserves.

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