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8/20/2006 7:26 am

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I only resently joined this site (AdultFriendFinder) and have joined in on some of the chat rooms. Enjoy my time there but as of now haven't been able to understand the higher arky of the room. I liken it to a pick-up basketball game. The better players get to play on the main court while the new or lessor players stand on the side or go to a lower or smaller court.

I know people like to play or talk (type) with persons they feel more familiar with and I understand that.

It seems the ladys (F) seem to talk with the ladys more than they do the guys (M). It is not so with the guys. Sometime it seems that the guys feel that if they talk (type) to the guys that this would be misunderstood as them being gay or maybe it's the competetive nature of the male that will not seemingly allow them to act the same as the gals.I personnily have no problem in talking (typing) with a male but I find when I make a comment to a guy (M) in almost all cases they do not respond. Maybe they are too focused on one thing and do not have the mind to multitask. I could understand this if there new. I have the problem with typing and keeping up with posts of the one person I'm talking (typing) with.

None the less, I'll learn (who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks).If you have any ideas in this area please leave a comment, this might help my learning curve.

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