Happy New Year!!  

rm_jennyelectra 48F
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12/30/2005 3:48 pm

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5/17/2009 5:51 pm

Happy New Year!!

I'm not going to mess around here. A lot of you think I am a helpless victim. I am not!

I was concerned initially, that I was putting too much of myself out there, and I probably was.

Having decided to do this though. I feel there is no point in not doing it properly.

For those of you that have been reading about me... well just hang on. You would not believe, how long it takes to write something down properly.

I am BAD! I've been out tonight with my husband. He's a lovely bloke, we've had a great night out but now he's asleep. What I really needed was my clothes ripped off and shagged sensless. I feel bad, I'm sitting here, horny as fuck, and he's asleep up stairs. This is my problem, if someone was around here now to fuck me, I know that I'd bend every which way and let him take me!

I realise I'm putting myself out there, BUT... Who thinks they can turn me on!

I started on this site with an agenda. Perhaps I'm ditching that agenda tonight! I want someone to make me wet!!!!

PsoraBowieLined 44M
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12/30/2005 5:44 pm

Wouldnt hesitate in tearing your clothes off...pulling your tiny thong to oneside before tonguing you hard & deep. you taste sooo good, and much as I want to stay with my head buried between your legs for ever more, i just have to take you from behind like the dirty slut you are....bending you over the kitchen table, my cock glistens with your juices as it goes at all speed like a piston in and out of your gorgeous love hole. it feels so good, but you jsut beg me to take you in the ass as well, which i do willingly...hope this sounds good

rm_tattoo8654 44M
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12/30/2005 10:46 pm


shypassion2 53M

12/31/2005 3:26 am

it's unbelievable how much of a turn on it is for me to read about your need to be fucked ... your desperation. im rock hard now thinking about it. i have a fantasy involving spying on a woman masturbating. she is out in public, and finds herself wet and desperately horny. she goes into a seedy public convenience, and i spy on her through a hole in the door. she is sqautting down on the floor, with her knickers down around her ankles, and her short skirt hitched up. her tee shirt is pulled up, and her nipples are rock hard. one hand is on her pussy, and her face is contorted with pleasure. she is close to orgasm, and i come in and pull her hands away ... holding them above her head against the wall. she twists against me, and crys out, begging to be allowed to touch herself again. at which point i very slowly kiss her all over, and make her wait agonisingly long until i flick my tongue and fingers over her wet pussy lips ... but i still don't let her cum. i release my erection, by unzipping my fly, and move it over her nipples, where my precum soaks them. i move it between her breasts. still refusing to let her touch her pussy, i pull her panties up, and we go out into the street again ...

rm_Bushys27 42M

12/31/2005 3:37 am

As u siting there, i would stand behind u, start kissing ur neck & slowly caressing ur shoulders & upper arm. Continue kissing ur neck & then kiss u on the mouth. As my hands go down ur arms & under ur top. Slowly caressing ur stomach heading up 2 ur tits while kissing ur neck. start 2 rub ur nips & gently tugging them. Then kiss u on the mouth again. think it is time 2 get more comfy on the sofa, but u have trouble standing up so i pick up up & carry u 2 the sofa. Gently place u on the sofa i remove ur top, kissing u again & gently tease ur right nip. Start 2 kiss down ur neck toward ur left nip & run my tongue around the nip & then suck it. U lay flat on the sofa & i start 2 kiss down 2 ur skirt. I remove ur skirt & ur knickers & slowly part ur legs exposing ur lovely moist pussy. I kissing up ur left leg 2 ur pussy, blowing on ut lips & clit but not touching. Then kiss up right leg up u ur wet pussy. Start licking up ur pussy sucking on lips until I get 2 clit. Start licking & sucking ur clit, slowly running my finger up ur lips. Then enter 2 fingers into ur soaking pussy. Now fucking ur wet pussy & sucking on ur clit. With my right hand caressing ut left nip. I take ur vib that u had out early & enter into ur wet pussy slowly fucking u with it while still licking & sucking ur clit. I then take my right hand, wet 1 finger & gently lub ur ass, slowly entering ur ass. Now licking ur clit, fucking ur wet pussy with ur vib & slowly fucking ur ass with my finger.

How am i doing? Want 2 know more? If so get in touch Jenny & i will tell u the rest?

mailmantrouser2 54M
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12/31/2005 4:12 pm

It appears you don't have any problem getting wet, all by yourself. What you lack is the follow up to conclusion.

rm_LorenzoLee 55M

1/1/2006 3:31 am

I wrote before:

I must be missing what all of the other fellows seem to be getting. I don't see the problem as husband upstairs sleeping while you're horny, in need of a good shagging; thus, you having to seek alternative play on alt.

Unlike some, I can't take the position that I would be willing to shag you if I was there becuase that's not what's really needed in this situation. Moreover, I'm not so keen to just get a shag. I do value my jism, and so I'm selective about who I shag, and I'm certainly keen to know that getting it on with someone involves more than a bump and grind! Perhaps I'm getting older. No, I've always been this way. lol.

Okay, so you won't think that I'm against spontaneous shagging, I'll tell you what's really needed in this situation. My play partner and I have been invited to a number of your social activities. We've had the opportunity to see you and your husband together. You both love each other, but you've lost that spark in your marriage. Marriage can do this, you know? The less mature, when faced with this challenge, seek alternative play without the consent of the partner. This is childness and causes many problems in the short and long run. The more mature seek creative ways of saving the marriage, as they recognize the investment of time and energy will be more rewarding in the short and long run.

Anyway, my play partner and I, being professional counsellors who specialize in couples, hatch this plan to rekindle the flame. We decide that it's time to rob the home of the Electra's.

We followed you home from the New Year's eve party, and we wait patiently, knowing that soon you'll be on the computer and husband in bed. We stealthily break in undetected. We deal with you first; Bound and gaged, with your sexy wears on. We certainly take notice of the site that you're visitng, so we deduce staright-away that you have some freak in you. Um! Next, we wake and bind your husband, before placing you and him side-by-side; bot unable to move.

We continue on as though it's a bonafide robbery. Yet the site of you there is a appealing to me, and my play partner seems to think highly of your husband, and we've played with couples before, so why not under this circumstance.

Um, while I'm looking for goods, my partner shows her interest in your husband who doesn't seem to have a problem recognizing beauty. Um, he's not so square afterall. The leather outfit with thigh-high boots, fishnet stockings, and garter is quite appealing on her body. She moves around her prey, doing what you have become so good at in your individual exploits; the ones that have been occurring behind your husband's back. Do you feel a stinge of jealousy. Oh well, deal with it.

She begins to touch him in certain ways as you watch. Of course, he tries not to get excited, but it's been a long time for him as well. You see, all those nights when he went to bed early, he really wanted you to take the aggresive role. Just like you're being open and aggressive on AdultFriendFinder, he wanted that for himself, and this strange woman; a woman who is robbing his home, is giving him what he's been missing. When she stands above him, so her panty clad pussy is right insight, he was keen to lift his head in such a way that he was able to lick her there. You know that look; you know that's what he would have done if he wasn't restrained. As she gyrate her hips, you can see that his cock is beginning to grow, and the way he's sitting together with the boxers that he's wearing makes it asy for his cock to spring out, showing a full erection.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Hold on; I'm thinking maybe this story is way off the mark, so I'll stop writing. Still, giving what I've read, this is what's needed in this situation.

The Electra's need to come to us for couples sexual counselling! They need to rekindle the spark in their marriage, and it needs to be done in a creative way.

Each of them want to play, but neither of them can really introduce the idea, so they need a third party/couple and/or special individual to faciliate the process.

They don't need a quick shag in this room or that room. They don't need to carry on behind each other's back. They need open, honest communication that will reveal what each of them needs from the other in order to be pleased. This marriage can still be saved.


rm_jonnydepends 52M
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1/3/2006 6:18 am

See now this is quite interesting. I think I can hear the wine talking. Is it any crime to feel horny? Perhaps your husband and yourself just have completely different physiolocical make ups. I know that after a few glasses of wine my wife will be asleep by 10:30. I respect that, I'll let her go to bed and if I am still feeling horny I'll pop a porno on and knock one out (excuse my language).

And then there is Lorenzolees comments: He thinks he must be missing what everyone else is getting? but then proceeds to do exactly the same - try and turn you on. Albeit more eloquently and imaginatively.

I'd love to hear what he and his partner had planned for you next. Therapy though? Give me some of that type of therapy?

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