Good girl resolution?  

rm_jennyelectra 48F
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1/2/2006 7:57 am

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7/26/2009 5:01 pm

Good girl resolution?

Hey, Happy New Year.

The party went well. Not as busy as I had prepared for but that meant it was quite intimate. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

The night ended up with Hubby passed out on the settee and me getting fucked by his cousin over the kitchen table whilst the couple from next door looked on. lol

Of course it didn’t!

I know that’s what half of you want to hear though. I may have flirted a little but it was all very innocent. I ended up in the loving arms of my husband at the end of the night, although he made me sleep in my stockings for some reason! Typical horny male.

I have been receiving lots and lots of mail and sorry guys but there is just no way I can reply to all of them. I appreciate the contact but try not to be offended if I don’t get back to you.

If you have made an obvious effort into writing an original message then I will try to get back to you, but it may not be straight away ‒ or in a ‘timely manner’ as one gentleman put it ‒ you know who you are. Be patient.

I have been having some meaningful dialogue with some of you. You give me ideas to think about. Some genuinely trying to help me understand myself better. Thank you. At the same time, some of you have written with the sole aim of trying to make me wet ‒ and some of you are very good at it! Is there anything wrong with that?

Is there anything wrong with me logging on to AdultFriendFinder and finding myself getting aroused? Isn’t that why most of us are here? And yes, I do get a kick from knowing that many of you are getting aroused reading about me. So no-one needs to feel guilty.

I did state that I wasn’t interested in meeting anyone from this site. I do still feel that way although I do find myself thinking more about the some of the couples who have contacted me.

I can imagine my feelings if I was to meet anyone. I would be nervous, scared even, the thought giving myself to relative strangers is very exciting. It would have to be a hotel meet I think. Having a drink in the bar first to find out if there is a connection. Although, the thought of blindfolding myself in a hotel room whilst I wait for a couple to arrive and play with me, for you to use me and then leave again, with me never having seen your faces - well, that does excite me too.

I know, some of you think I am very naughty. I’m not naughty, I’m BAD! Well some of the time anyway.

Ok, It’s back to work tomorrow. It’s probably just as well, it’ll stop me logging on here so much. I am having to change my underwear several times a day at the moment I’ve been getting so wet.

It’s been fun and informative.

Have a great 2006, I'm going to.


rm_James20910 52M
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1/2/2006 9:11 am

Happy New Year...and a person should have a healthy appetite for life. Imagination and fantasy are some of the meat and potatoes of that meal.

There's an old personality question that I'm thinking about. Would you agree that children don't work hard enough at their studies, or do they not engage their imaginations enough?

firstspeaker 41F

1/2/2006 9:39 am

damn, talk about getting wet, just reading your thoughts is enough.

just keep talking....send more pictures...thats all

happy new year

rm_jonnydepends 52M
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1/3/2006 6:36 am

Jenny, when I read your initial posting I did get aroused, and I mean really aroused. I did feel guilty though, but isn't that part of what makes it so arousing? We know we shouldn't but we can't help ourselves.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think part of you likes telling of your shenanigans. I think it's great that you want to share the slutty side of yourself with us. I mean your not going to go down the pub and talk about these things.

And I don't think you are BAD. Some bad things have happened to you but you seem to have moved on. I do think you are a very, very naughty girl though. I for one love it! I look forward to your next post.

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