Control vs Domination  

rm_jennyelectra 48F
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12/28/2005 7:14 am

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7/26/2009 5:10 pm

Control vs Domination

Still not too sure about this site but it certainly helps pass the time.

Quite a few of you seem to think I just need controlling or dominated. Which got me to thinking.

I have had quite a few dominant partners in the past but I'm not sure that any of them controlled me.

And it's not anyone that can be domineering you know. It's not good enough to just tell someone what you want them to do. You have to feel that you have absolutely no choice. Some men are just natural at this, unfortunately they are usually complete bastards too, almost misogynistic in their outlook. I can usually tell when I meet someone like this. You can tell just by the way they talk to women. And it does ignite a spark of interest in me, even though I know it should repulse me.

These type of guys will say that they love me, they might even think that they do love me, but what they really love is just having a fuck toy.

For me, It's not really about control. It's about lack of control. I get to a very intense state of arousal when I know I've lost control. When I've pushed a man so far that he almost scares me. That point where I can't stop things from happening.

If you can't stop it from happening it's not your fault? I know that part of me wants it though. That part of me loves behaving like a slut.

Everything is a balancing act really. I want to be a good wife but I also want to lose control.

Is there a happy medium? I had a partner once who came close. He was a good bloke but I managed to turn him bad. Who's controlling who?

We were together, on and off, for years. Perhaps I should have married him? Maybe I'll write about him next.

shaun3471 45M

12/30/2005 2:48 am

By the sounds of it you re totally in control and know exactly what you are doing.

rm_jonnydepends 52M
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1/3/2006 6:05 am

I agree, it does sound like you know what you are doing. Are you possibly just looking for excuses for your behaviour? I think most women would love to break out and behave like a slut sometimes. You just seem to have the confidence to do it. Maybe now you just need to admit it?

Just a thought, I don't mean to sound too forward.

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