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9/24/2005 1:11 pm

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break in the schedule
sufficent coolant leak
well we thought we were doing the right thing
you can not be to picky in cheyenne on a sunday then up walked the mechanic with the perpendicular teeth

about 17th hour he pulls us up in the bay
and foggy tooth starts diggin under the hood
after clearing a path to the waterfall and taking a 4 hour break
by hour 27 we were ALL GOOD
and we sang in middle america

2 hours later on the way down to deep elem
broke down in oklahoma where a week under the rain
talk to girl name sherry
where a woman's got a priority
she had a kidney in a cooler
so 2 nights we had to stay so she could
deliver the kidney

if you go down to deep elem to the gypsy tea room, tell um i broke down in perry and ill try to make it back soon
oh, sweet mama, your daddys got them deep elem blues

now i know i will be playin
on the concept after its through
unrealistic maybe but theres somethin i got to doi need
a big ass bus with a satelite dish
a double decker double wide would i wish i dream open eyed that this be true
my double decker double wide

its gonna have 2 ice makers in both refridgerators
^#%#@^@, a generator
hfdsufhjka and a disco ball an escalator up to the dance floor
an the second story 7532573298

skinny dippin right after the show at 80 miles an hour its worth all the dough
untill then
ill stand on the corner with a sign that says i will work for my double decker double wide

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9/25/2005 3:22 am

Welcome to blog!

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9/25/2005 5:32 am

Double Decker, Double Wide. Mmmmm Yeah, with the dance floof, disco ball, a big screen and a jaccuzzi! We have a Winnah!

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