A story for all, pure fiction.  

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A story for all, pure fiction.

i have a girl, with busty and a hot body yet caring and kind by nature, just
as any guys would love it. Once, in my graduation night party,
i took her to the party trying to let her be involved in what
i am involved in. She agreed at the instant i popped out the
question, saying how fun it would be to meet my classmates
and everything. She was more excited than i am and was shopping
for dresses, piping hot dresses that could easily send
drools down a guy just by looking at her cleavage, i did not
resent that idea of guys watching her since i would be the
one having the honour of havig such a girl.

The big day came, or rather the big night came. We went there
in a cab and found a flooding crowd in the lobby. As my girl
stepped out in her lavish satin dress, with her cleavage
showing, the guys had their eyes fixed on her, which part
i don't know, for every part of her is worth lusting
for. I was the envy of that night naturally. When the dinner
finished, we had some kinda dance, everyone was down onto
the dance floor and due to the immense crowd i was separated
from my girl, but well, why not, i could do with a couple of
initmate dances with the flings i had in the school, they
were equally hot too. Finally, some fresh air for me, but
what i didn't know was that it was the same for my girl,
fresh air, and of course, fresh men.

When she was separated from me, she was initially worried
and scared but soon, she was welcomed by three horny guys
who were already eyeing for her and they invited her to dance
at a hidden corner of the dance floor with them. She rejected
shyly but had herself being pulled by three strong guys.
They were tall and good looking, so she thought, it should
be ok. They started to dance around her with her in the middle
of the three men, their eyes fixed on her boobs. They started
the dance decently, shaking with the rhythm and dancing
to the beat, but when the ahrd rock music was on, the guys
closed into her and started to touch her on her butt, her
waist, her boobs, giving excuses or dancing wildly and
accidental touches were inevitable, she took no notice
until one of them was practically having his hands all over
her and even when she resisted he did not have the slightest
idea of letting go of her. She started to panick but it was
way too late, they pulled her in joint efforts to a crouch
nearby, a crouch situated near a deserted toilet and it
was a blind corner, especially when everyone was having
fun on the dance floor.

they pushed her to the crouch and one of them, the shorter
and darker of them all started to fondle her all over, dropping
her straps securing that flimsy dress, and her boobs came
into view for the three guys. She tried to shield her boobs
using her hands but it was only barely enough to cover up
her nipples, most of the flesh were exposed for the guys.
The shorter and dark guy groped her greedily and lustfully,
stroking gently on the right breast and at the same time
sucking and licking on the left breast. My girl had an inevitable
sensation all over her and eventually gave in to the guy
and even moaned in approval. Seeing the first guy succeed,
the tallest of the three came forward and reached a hand
into her scantily short skirt and ripped the cotton panties
off her hips, realising that it was a G-String, he got even
hotter and started to sniff at it. He got down onto her and
started flicking her clit and sliding his finger up and
down her alrdy soaked cunt, giving her sensation she didnt
know existed. The last guy felt abandoned and decided he
should not be left and and stepped forward in front of the
threesome and brough out his sturdy stick, a long and thick
on in front of her face, she was shocked by it since she did
not see such a long and thick one before in her life. the guy
stuck in right into her mouth without warning and she choked
a little but managed to catch her breath and began to suck
and lick him, devouring him in pleasure naturally. She
did not know what was she doing! She was betraying her boyfriend
in her boyfriend's party! Nevertheless, she enjoyed
the attention from the three guys and continued in their
foursome adventure. Little that she knows, i was not being
that innocent with my fling on the dance floor too.

I spotted one of the girl that i ahd a crush with and she expressed
the same interest in me, but given that we were both attached,
we did not get together but had a discreet relationship
behind our partner's backs. i pushed my way through
the wild crowd and joined her on the dance floor, thankfully,
she as alone there dancing and was delighted by my company.
We slowly moved over to a discreet corner, which i discovered
was only about three meters from my girl being serviced
by three different guys, we did not realise there was a foursome
in the vicinity and continued our business. We were kissing
passionately leaving our lips all wet and swollen. Our
hands were all over each other, with my hands on her breasts,
massaging it and circling it through her lycra material,
which made the breast feel extra smooth and soft. Her hands
were busying unbuckling my pants and wrapping them around
my hard cock, nodding for attention. She stroked it up and
down ferociously as i was teasing her big time, now circling
the naked breast which i just had her bra ripped off, with
my tongue. sucking the nips occasionally and withdrew
when her body arched towards me, whenever i do that she would
cheekily stopped stroking and i had to go back to sucking
her to continue my pleasure... one of my hands slid down
her abdomen and reached under her skirt and found her panties
soaked with cum. i slid my fingers between the lips but not
entering it. She was going wild! She arched her butt upwards
and my fingers slid right inside with little resistance
from her lubricated passage.

Over at my girl's side, the tallest guy was alrdy thrusting
her in quick rough motions. The short guy and the last guy
swopped position after the last guy cummed into her mouth,
she spat it out onto his shirt but the guy did not mind, he
had his satisfaction anyway, the short and dark guy had
a short and thick cock, which stood like a .38 pistol. ready
to gun into her cavity. She took it mercilessly and sucked
and licked ferociously, and occasionally biting it with
her teethe, but that guy was too immersed in the sensations
he was receiving to even realise the pain. At the same time,
she was being screwed, sucked and sucking some other guy.
She felt incredible and too enjoyed their attention especially
the tallest guy. He had such a long cock that it touches her
cervix with each thrust, and escalating her up to the pea
of pleasure, she came for three times in the process, at
the alst contraction, she felt a strong shot of warm and
thick cum in her cunt. The guy stopped and sank onto the floor,
however, she wasnt satisfied yet and pulled the last guy
sucking her nips in front of her and pulled his head to her
cunt and the guy began eating her pussy, the tall guy took
over the last guy position and continued sucking her breast,
while the short guy was on the verge of cumming. She was in
heaven! So were the three guys.

I was having my fun too when my fling went down on me, kneeling
on the floor, taking my stiffened cock into her mouth and
circling it on the glans and shifting up and down the shaft,
now wet with her saliva, she moved so fast that i could hardly
catch my breath and could hardly hold back my cum. She might
have realised i was cumming from the tension on my abs, and
the expression from my face, she stopped moving and just
licked. and my cum was held back once again, i hated that
and when i was about to withdraw my cock, she started the
whole process again and my hatred turned into sensation
and allowed her to tease me as she wanted, the holding back
took place several times b4 i actually cummed. loadsa cum
into her mouth which she swallowed it all. We felt that we
didn't have enough and decided to proceed to our hostel
to pick up from where we were.

The three guys all took turns and had their share of cumming
and my girl was already exhausted since she was being given
the pleasure of cumming at least 10 times for the night.
The guys had enough and took turns to kiss her on the cheek
and left, my girl was left paralysed on the crouch and soon
fell asleep, leaving her wrecked and messy, her clothes
was creased, her hair was in a mess, and the crouch wa wet
with pespiration and cum, but she didn't care and just
wanted to sleep. But soon, she found her arms around a strong
hand, it was her senior, a senior that had expressed an interest
in her but was rejected bluntly by her since he had a philandering
history. They were walking towards the hostel too, and
soon, the guy led y sleepy girl up the steps into his room.
She vaguely remember he room as being tidy for a guy's
room, bed neatly made, floor spick and span. She fell heavily
onto the bed and slept at the instant. While she was sleeping,
she felt a warm mouth over her breast, circling her nips
and a slimy little fellow flicking the nips, she wanted
more and she pulled her senior's head to her breast
and the senior sucked hard onto the flesh and sending her
up again to heaven. She wanted even more and pushed his head
down to her pussy and the senior obediently licked and sucked
her pussy, making her cum once again, soaking his face with
her juices, little that she knows, she was dominating this
session and the senior was abiding her rules. She spread
her legs wide apart to welcome the senior, the senior unbuckled
his pants and revealed his cleanly shaven cock which was
already hard and nodding, it was about 8 inches long and
it was thick, she yearned for it to enter her, but now, the
guy is in control, he slid in between her legs and stroked
his tip of the cock onto the lips of her cunt, but refusing
to enter it despite her arching upwards to welcome him,
he simply stroked and stroked till she was begging him,
pleading him, her hands was gripping his ass, pulling his
unwilling torso towards her, her fingernails buried deep
into his flesh but he refused to budge. and continued stroking,
and when she gave up pleading and relaxed her grip, the guy
gave her a surprise thrust deep inside her, giving her the
sudden sensation which she knew it was better if he ahd gave
in and not surprise her. She welcome the thrust by corresponding
to his movement, making each thrust deep and hard, smacking
their flesh together, forming a lustful little orchestra.
She was once again in heaven, while she was just in hell begging
for more a moment ago. The guy sure is a master teaser.

While me and my fling hurried to my hostel, we took off all
our clothes once we slammed the door closed and jumped onto
the bed. I was holding her in the doggy position and thrusting
deep inside her, using both my wasit power and my hands power.
The whole room was filled with moans by her, which got louder
and louder with each thrust. i could feel her body shuddering
and showed signs of cumming and i stopped all my actions
suddenly, withdrawing my cock just outside the lips, barely
touching it. She was frantic! She arched her butt towards
me but it was futile since i was holding her by the waist,
she struggled and begged, but all i said was, an eye for an
eye. She was pleading and apologising for me to go forward
and give it to me. "Fuck me pls, im sorry, pls, give
it to me. Don't stop! I beg of you, give it to me!"
i refused and just stayed outside, i could see her relaxing
and came up with less struggle, i knew it was time, i thrusted
deep inside once again, catching her by surprise, ironically,
i was using the same technique on my fling as the senior was
using on my girl. My fling moaned and moaned finally could
not hold back anymore, "i can't take it anymore,
im cumming!", i could not hold back too and we cummed
together, juices met as one, and me holding on to her tight.
after we both finished, we let go of each other and gave each
other a hug and we felt asleep holding each other.

My girl had her share of cumming and the senior too, they
screwed a few more times and slept shortly after that.

Morning came, i opened the door for my fling and showed her
outside. Standing at the my neighbour's door was my
girl and the senior, which happened to be my classmate,
and the boyfriend of the girl i was screwing last night.
Damn. All of us froze in embarrassment, and it wasn't
long before my fling made the first move and pull my classmate
away and disappeared downstairs and i was left with my girl,
betrayal and embarrassment were the only things in our minds.

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hey man

great piece of action and writing..

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