sunny day, and hot  

rm_jeepgirlluvc 54F
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2/23/2006 10:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

sunny day, and hot

today is such a sunny nice day here, and it is so warm when the sun shines on you, you feel refreshed after this winter, it feels like spring, and for some reason it just makes me really horny, nothing like a nice warm day and the breeze blowing and all i can think of is laying on a blanket and tanning and you see a shade come over you and you look up and their is a man standing over you, and the mood you are in, makes you feel like just taking him, then i stop and think why not, what do i have to lose, so i raise up and slowly take off my top exposing my hard nipples, and my hot oiled body throbbing with desire, as i move closer, i see him sigh, and i know it is okay, and i rub my body against his, the breeze blowing a warm wind over my nipples, and making them harder, and i am wanting him badly, i slowly move my hand down his jeans and feels that he has the same idea as i do, i slowly work my lips down from his lips to his chest and his nipples, teasing them with nibbles, he sighs, he knows i want him, and he is not going to stop it, i feel him breathing harder, and i slowly kiss him futher down, and i am on my knees breast exposed and getting hotter, i slowly press my mouth on his manly cock and it is hard, i blow on his cock thru his jeans, he moans, i slowly start unbuckling his jeans and unzipped them as i looked into his eyes, he has his hands on my head and running his fingers thru my hair, i am excited, by this handsome stranger, that is allowing me to take him and do what i want, i finally take his pants down, and i don't hesitate, i slowly wrap my lips around the head of his throbbing cock, i taste his juices, he is wanting this bad, i take the other hand and caress the balls, and gently rub them as i move slowly down his shaft, he wants me to take all of him, but i want him to be teased just a little, so i lick up his shaft and suck on his head of his cock, he quivers, he is ready to cum in my mouth, but then i take it all in my mouth, and with every stroke i suck harder and take my toung and roll it around the head, as i am jacking him off. he finally grabs me up and kisses me hard, and at the same time with desire as if he is begging to be with me, i kiss him back to let him know it is okay. he lays me down and my breast are exposed to him, he gently licks my nipples, oh my god i am thinking the whole time, take me, so i take him by the head and pushes his head down on my breast, he starts sucking hard, and i am getting wet, he starts licking down my stomach and then to my bathing suit bottoms, where he teases me by rubbing his fingers around the top of the suit, i moan, i just want to say yes take me now, but i am wondering what he is going to do, i wait, he kisses lower, he starts taking off my suit, i am getting hotter and wetter, i take a deep breath, and sigh at this stranger that is about to give me pleasure, like in a dream, but i am awake, oh yes i say, he finally reaches my button, he flicks it with his tounge and i quiver, i just want to take him now, but i want him to taste me, he seperates my lips with his fingers and inserting his tounge, oh yes, i close my eyes and my breathing becomes shallow, and i feel drunk with the passion, then he goes back up to my clit and licks it and sucks it, i want to cum, should i, i am trying to hold off, but with the warm wind blowing over our hot naked bodies, it is very hard, i feel his fingers inside of me, and his other hand massaging my breast, i am running my fingers thru his hair, not holding him there but letting him know he is really turning me on, and fast, he is really enjoying tasting me, he wants me to cum he says as his fingers are inside of me and sucking and licking on my clit and working his way back and forth, on it, i can't hold back, he wants me to cum on his tounge, he inserts his tounge deep into me, i can't hold on, i cum on him, he loves it, when i am finshed quivering and moaning he comes up and lets me taste myself, he kisses me, and then i feel him insert his cock, oh yes! he is so hard, i feel him thrusting harder and holding me down and having his way with me, his body is tightly up against mine, i feel him throbbing, he then sits up and lifts me on his cock, he rocks me back and forth, and kissing me and sucking on my nipples, it is getting hotter outside, and i am getting wetter with every movement, i beg him not to stop, i never wanted this to stop, it was great, he is really getting into it, he turns me around and i am on my hands and knees, he comes slowly inserting himself in me, his cock is hard, and he grabs my shoulders and pulls me back on to him, he feels so good, it is hurting but i love it, he is touching my spots with every movement, i keep letting him go harder and harder, i am going to cum, i am not going to stop, i can't i am to far gone, he is rubbing my clit with his fingers, and kissing my neck, oh yes, i feel me tighten up on his cock and as i did, he starts throbbing which makes me cum even more, and he moans and then he grabs my hips and really goes faster, then i feel him going to cum, i said i want it in my mouth, as much as i would like him to cum in me, i want to taste it, so i guickly turn and suck him off, what a load, he is exploding in my mouth, and on my tits, i rub it in as a lotion, and swallow his remains, mmmmmm he taste good, he sighs and then he grabs me and kisses me, i think this is great for a breezy sunny day.

Chucky63 53M  
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2/25/2006 1:41 pm

I will need to brings alot sweat rags, and towles to clean up , When im finished!!!! Thats an good thing!!! Chuck

rm_jeepgirlluvc 54F
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2/26/2006 5:50 am

that yould be great, can't wait to meet, it sound good, so i think you liked my story very much, i makes me hot just thinking about it, mmmmmmmmm chuck where and when with the big load marine? just let me know and i will be ready for you, where ever you want it. just keep the pictures of my breast close when you need to think of my story, okay chuck, thank you again

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