Keep a knockin but you cant cum in.....  

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12/3/2005 12:44 pm

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Keep a knockin but you cant cum in.....

What is it with the women on this site. I cant get a reply to save my life. I see tons of beautiful women in the profiles but never get any response when i message them. So I ask you...."what is it that these women are looking for" I have formed several theories myself.

Theory one....they aren't women. Thats right men these are guys posing as women to get pictures of your cock to wack it too....yikes. I hope im not right about this one.

Theory two...they lied about being the person in the photo. They are really about a duce...duce and a half with a giant goiter on their neck and walk with a limp. This is a possibility, I have seen a few of these in the chat rooms. You guys know exactly what i am talking about....I wouldnt screw some of these women with my worst enemies penis....that would just be way too mean.

Theory diggers that want some jackass to pay for a gold membership for them in return for favors shall we say. Dont be stupid guys. These women will never pay up. They will enjoy your membership while humping some other moron she talked to using your money.....DUH.

Theory four...Conceited Bitches...thats right i said it. These are the women that create a profile...put up pictures just so they can get replies from men telling them how beautiful they are and how they should be in playboy. Come on guys we have met these type of women in person, what makes you think they are not on here....wasting your time.

Theory five...solicitors..I hate these broads. They give you all their jive about thank you for messaging me and all this great stuff then they say. Why dont you come see my webcam show its only .99 a minute or so much a month and i will look forward to seeing you. Yeah right BIATCH...ill see you there.

Theory six...drunk and board...lets start a profile on AdultFriendFinder and see how many losers message us so we can laugh at their pathetic no gettin girl asses and never return to AdultFriendFinder or reply to anyone. Meanwhile some nice guy like myself is waiting and hoping for a reply that this could be someone we could connect with. FAT CHANCE

I feel bad for the really genuine women that are looking for someone on here because nice guys like myself get fed up dealing with all these other bitches and dont renew our memberships. Hey whatever...i have a lot to offer women. Im about to complete dental school, very sexually experienced, funny, great personality, generous, and good looking...if you dont believe me ill send you a pic with proof that its me. But hey if you women are only interested in cock pics and compliments from some dork wackin it to your photos thats fine....but dont ruin for the nice women trying to find legitimate guys like myself who have something to offer real women.

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12/4/2005 5:55 am


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