Difficult hooking up with the right people  

rm_jdmyo0 46M/45F
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8/23/2005 10:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Difficult hooking up with the right people

This is so difficult! It's really difficult to hookup with the right people!

We came to this site wanting to FUCK!
We registered on to this site almost a month and it hasn't happened!

What's going on? Has everybody have as difficult time as we have?

Once in a while, my wife goes clubbing to find a sex partner, and NEVER has she come home without fucking someone. But for whatever the reason, people from this site always dissapoint us.

We were at JonJon's tonight waiting for someone and nobody showed! She was so desperate, she asked the several guys at the club asking them out, but when those guys saw that she was with me, they all declined. LOOSERS!!! And the management of the bar asked her to stop talking to their customers. LOOSERS!!!

The wife was dissapointed and felt horny looking at the girls, so she went to her girlfriend's.

Come on people, FUCK US!

Headspinner693 36M
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8/24/2005 1:23 am

Hi, ya Your Right Dude Those Guys are Loosers, If your Girl Every wants a Big Dick and Thick and All That man, I'm All About that. I would have no problem bouncing that ass like a Lowrider in a Dre Video. PEACE...

bronxgirl13 66F
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8/24/2005 4:50 am

stay home and fuck her your self

redwing641962 54M
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8/24/2005 2:10 pm


rm_Revo305 28M

8/24/2005 2:36 pm

Come to ann arbor sometime and i would love to get a hotel, we would have soooo much fun. ill get those pics for u too. email me back and we can set something up. but it has to be this week, its a lot easyer for me. so email me fast plzzz. BYE!

rm_Revo305 28M

8/24/2005 2:37 pm

plzzz cum to ann arbor u wont be disapointed i swear! email me soon.

rm_Revo305 28M

8/24/2005 8:03 pm

hey i sent u guys more pics, just lettin ya know. bye!

Nightstick4u76 37M

8/25/2005 8:58 pm

Its not hard to find the right guy.. Just write me!

mrnightlife71 45M
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8/30/2005 12:04 pm

I feel very sorry for you and your wife. I sympithize because you have the perfect situation for me, but i live across the lake. I wish there were more like you over here. Maybe someday you'll get desperate and come and visit me. You're wife is dirty-cute.

rm_4needofpussy 43M

9/1/2005 12:41 am

well i can say yes no one on here seems to want to fuck but they talk alot of shit but if you are for real then i would love to eat that pussy and make her shoot snow balls all over the place and then fuck the living shit out of her for god know how long, and thats if she can handle it like that, so give me a chance and i will come through and make you almost if not see god sweety

rm_mi48040male 61M

10/8/2005 12:12 pm

Any time you want to send your wife my way, just let me know! A woman who likes to go to srip bars, who wants sex, and has a husband who doesn't object -WOW!!!! I'll fuck her all she watns! A real plus if she likes to wear sexy lingerie, and/or give blow jobs!

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