What's it all about, JD  

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10/7/2005 11:55 pm

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What's it all about, JD

What's it all about? The sequence of events I mean. What, where, how will it all turn out in the end? For that matter will it ever end? What's wrong that life seems to be happening to me instead of me living life?

Sound like someone lost in the sea of life? It should, I've no other way to define whats become of me. Adrift on the sea called life. Like a boat adrift on the sea, I'm unable to steer a course because I am making no headway in the water; and, like the boat at sea, without forward motion there can be no steerage leaving me at the mercy of wind and current to take me, like the boat, where they will. In this way, life happens to both the boat, and me.

The answer, of course is to set to and move myself across the water. Once in motion steerage becomes possible, with it come control of ones course, destination, and therefore destiny.

For some reason it's easier said than done.

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