Life in the Hot Lane...  

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9/8/2005 1:26 am

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Life in the Hot Lane...

It just didn't happen the way I planned it! The fire I mean. Forever, ever since coming home to a coffee pot burning on my counter, I've believed any conflagrations would be caused by something inside my home; not outside, nor on purpose.

Interesting, at the time, waking up with the house afire, it was not lost on me that I was not supposed to leave, I mean live; the reality of that came almost as quickly as finding my bedroom fully involved and both outside doors engulfed, at least on the outside, in flames as well. The attempt is so blatant the firefighters told me, confirmed, the fires were set before the flames were knocked down, only minutes after their arrival on the scene.

For that reason, I was asked what had happened multiple times, even as the fire raged on; a Fire Fighter, then Chief; Sheriffs Deputy; a State Arson Investigator, among those I remember. Each initially questioned me individually. Soon, it was collective. They'd compared notes and noticed my story changed with each telling. The problem: Not what happened, the order in which they occurred, the time line; short, but very busy.

My response to the group when confronted with the 'different' versions, some including things others did not; was:

"All I can actually guarantee absolutely about the order I may have done what I did are these two facts:
1. The first thing I did was wake up finding the house on fire; and,
2. The last action I took was to make my somewhat hasty exit.
All the rest, what happen in between waking and exiting, I remember doing each, but as a separate event not chained together and therefore cannot say what order I did them in. That I did each I am positive. Knowing myself there are things I think I would, may, have done before others. That's all I can honestly say, I know for certain is true. First I woke up, last I left. As far as the rest go, you (meaning the group) pick the order, I'll tell you if it sounds like me, the order I believe I'd do what I did in; otherwise, I can't say I really care right now (meaning then).


The truth hasn't always worked for me. It did that time. They looked at each other and me, shook their heads, and accepted it.

On the other hand, there have been times when I've told tall tails (tales) to authorities; and they've worked too - Like the time I shot the ditch...

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