first times arent always the best times.  

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3/31/2005 9:04 am

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first times arent always the best times.

Always a slave to trends, Ive noticed that the current rage on these blogs is to post about wildly fulfilling first times and how they exceeded all usual, I begin to wonder if all of my fellow bloggers are excruciatingly lucky, liars, or just remember the good stuff...My first, while exciting and certainly an eye-opener, wasnt the stuff movies are made of...looking back on it, its almost goes:

I was a sophomore high school student, who was dating the one cheerleader who wouldnt have sex...cursed morals...her limits were the obligatory hand job, and topless heavy petting. Good times; not great times. But hey, at 15, you take what you can get, right? She and I parted ways over something that Im sure was trivial by today's standards, but at the time seemed crushing. Regrettably, i now have no idea what it may have been...I told you that to tell you this:

My friends decided I needed to get over her quickly, so it was off to the traditional weekend kegger held in a field or barn or whosever parents werent home's house. This night happened to be in a cow pasture with a dilapidated barn in it. Many drinks of some sort of awful highschool drink like peach schnapps or Old Crow later, I learned that my rides had gone off with the whores du juor, and I was surrounded by people I really didnt know. I managed to spill a large quantity of said horrific mixed drink on my crotch, and was about to do something brilliant like try to walk home when a girl I had never seen before asked if I needed help cleaning myself up...nice line, huh? She, it turns out, was the older sister of a girl I went to school with. She seemed quite pretty at the time, and had a very nice body. (Later, after beer goggles were removed, I learned that she was very, very pretty, and also quite serious with a guy in college...whatever).

She and I wandered off behind the barn and she lit us both a cigarette. I had never smoked before, so the combination of a stomach full of booze and the smoking had me feeling like I was going to hurl for sure. She took a drag on her cigarette, and said something witty like "do you want to?", to which I cunningly replied "ummmmm.yeah". I know, Im a genius, right? So, she lifts up her shirt to show a great set of breasts, and I undo her jeans and she undoes mine, and we slide our respective pants to our ankles...I havent mentioned yet that it was freakishly muddy, cold and damp that night. A recipe for disaster.

So, we cant do it lying down due to the mud. Im about 6'2", and she was about 5'2", so standing up wasnt going to get it done either. we both dropped to our knees, kissing like the drunken teenagers that we were, and with my hands all over her chest...we're facing each other, both kneeling, and she grabs my unit and somehow defies all laws of physics, and in a move not contemplated by the kama sutra, I slide inside her.

The wicked combination of my inexperience, the mud, the kneeling, and our collective drunkedness led to both of us thrusting at each other, locked at the lips and the naughty bits, with her hands on my ass and mine on her tit and ass. Its no small wonder we didnt topple over into cow dung or something. In my mind, I like to think I lasted forever, and with the help of booze, it may have counteracted my age and the fact that this was my first time. All in all, Im sure about four minutes went by...I dont think I was being all I could be, cuz her hand left my ass and she started stimulating her clit by hand as we were engaged in this yoga-like position...I finally shot 15 years of supression inside of her, and just before my hamstrings cramped up, slid out of her. The first words out of her mouth were, and I quote "We probably should have used protection" a high schooler, those words stick with you for a long, long, long time.

We pulled up our jeans, despite our legs being covered with mud and hay, kissed again, and away she walked, not to be seen by me for several months. I then puked all over the side of the barn..Im classy like that.

Things have improved mightily since then, but my first real experience was a bizarre mix of pleasure, uncomfort, wonder, bliss, and what almost has to be trauma... Needless to say, all my friends knew where I had been, and I was forced to make up some Penthouse Forum-like saga, but there it is, the real truth of how it happened. I dont know if anyone else reads my blog, but Im now laughing out loud remembering that night. Im glad it happened, and I hope to God noone else saw us! I cant imagine what her memories it it are!!

patsam69 51M/51F

3/31/2005 11:10 am

Hi..AAAHHH the teenage years....You made me laugh out loud!! Great story. I know everyone on here has a memory such as yours. Thanks for sharing!

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