Some one asked me today " what do I really want?"  

rm_jbgentleman 58M
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5/17/2006 9:49 pm
Some one asked me today " what do I really want?"

I received an e-mail today from someone at AdultFriendFinder today who asked me " what do I really want?" Well I started thinking about it and came up with the following list of things I really want:

1. To meet someone who share the same interest as me, who is female or part of a couple ( had a few imposters on this site who misrepresented themselves). A person who has a healthy sexual drive that is looking for a compaion, confidant, lover and friend all rolled into one. Someone who can communicate their wants,needs and desires effectively in all aspects of their life. I really want to meet a positive person who has appreciation of all the good things in life and does not dwell in the negative outlook on evertything. I would like to meet someone who enjoys receiving alot of pampering, tenderness, touching ( in all the right places !)massages, candles, fireplaces, romantic encounters wherever they take place. I want to meet someone who treats me with kindness, respect and understanding. I want to meet someone who likes to explore their fantasies and new life experiences . Someone who is not afraid to say what feels good to them ! And who listens to me when I tell them what I like. I respect other peoples boundaries, looking for someone who does the same. I have kids, I love them very much. I am looking for someone who is understanding of my parental duties and obligations. Both of my parents are still alive and I have a close relationship with them. I like to travel, in the US and abroad, would like to meet someone who has a love for travel and adventure! I really,really ,really would like to meet a wonderful,down to earth, well grounded, FUNNY!!SEXXXYYY, Woman version of me! Physical apperance, body size, ethenicity, and age are not as important as a good heart, gentle soul and compassion. Physical attributes tend to fade, but our inner qualities tend to get better as we go if we focus on the sharing of ourselves with others. Last but not least... I am looking for a friend with whom I can share my inner most secrets, fears and desires and trust that they will share their ideas and input on these things and I CAN TRUST them not to use the information in a negative way. For what is a relationship, be it friendship, girlfriend, spouse if you can't seek shelter in your trust of the other person you are sharing your life with at any given time.

2. Refer to number 1.


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