rm_jazzzsong 50M
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6/3/2006 12:31 pm

A much more depressing poem from days gone by--we've all been there at one time.

I tripped and fell into the well of my despair
A hole so deep I wore blackness as if it was my skin
Further in further I plummeted into the abyss
No light to guide my fall

The faint sounds of fate's cruel laughter echoed in my ear
Feeling the savage coldness of her smile
The icy caress of her fingers clutched around my neck
Choking all of the light from within me

Deeper I plunged until I could not crawl out
I swam and swam circles in oceans of sadness
The color of life my eyes once saw
Now covered in infernal, infinite gloom

My mind re-enacted my moments of misery
A cruel show from which there was no escape
I lost all hope...all life
I wanted to blend into the blackness

Existing no more...

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