Are You a Romantic?  

rm_jazzzsong 50M
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6/3/2006 12:33 pm
Are You a Romantic?

Are you a romantic?

No, not the closet romantic type who thinks romance is merely doing something on Valentine's Day or who thinks flowers say it all.

Not the type who thinks if they say I love you enough it makes it true, ignoring the simple fact that actions speak louder than words.

I mean the true romantic. The kind of person who longs to express the feelings within the heart and soul not only by their actions but also in ways that come from within.

It's dawn on the beach. The gentle sounds of the surf mix with the soft caress of the morning breeze. The sun is beginning to paint the obsidian sky with bright, lush streaks of burnt orange, purples, and reds. You're under a blanket, cuddled with someone who you care about immensely, held so tightly in fact, you can also hear the sounds of her heart next to yours. You lean over your partner and kiss her for what seems to be a thousand years. Time stops.

Each year, you and your special someone go back to the beach at the exact same time, kiss, and never forget that moment.

That's romantic.

Or a surprise poem waiting for her underneath her pillow, expressing all of the things you feel inside, and how wonderful your life is now with her in it.

Taking her hand, looking her in the eyes, you read it, then gently kiss her and hold her tight.

That's romantic.

I need someone who is a fellow romantic. Truthfully, that's one of the most crucial things I am seeking in a partner. Someone who longs for and appreciates the little romantic things and for whom romance is just as necessary to her life as the air she breathes.

Curiously, that seems to be a rare combination on here. Seems like a lot of people just want the sexual part of BDSM without all of those other wonderful romantic things you have in a relationship. Yes, I want all of the great things BDSM offers, but I want and need a romantic relationship too.

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