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6/3/2006 12:44 pm

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An Interview

Truth in advertising marches on!

Here's part one of an interview with me, well, ummmmm, by me. Enjoy, and as always, please feel free to respond or ask more questions!

Let's start with where you were born. Where was that, and how does it compare to where you live now?

I was born in Corpus Christi, TX, wayyyy back in 1966. Actually, I lived in Portland, TX, during my first seven years of my life--abso-frickin'-lutely LOVED it there. Small towns definitely agree with me.

Ugh! I soooo hate where I live now; San Antonio, TX--getting too big and congested for my tastes. I like what I do work-wise, but I don't like the people, so maybe there is a small town out there for me.


So you're saying you don't like crowds? Explain for us.

Well, yeah, that's it--I don't like crowds or tons of people. Really, I am the classic introvert type. Around one or two people, I do okay, but put me in crowded traffic, a busy store, or just in any noisy, chaotic environment, and I start feeling really uneasy and can't wait to get back to a quieter place.

Makes it really hard to meet people. Part of the reason I think I am still single.

Oh, you're single? So never been married then?

Nope. Never been married. Would love to...with the right person, of course.

Really? That's pretty different than a lot of the folks on this site, isn't it?

Yes, it is. But before I answer your question, can I go slightly off topic for just a sec.

Sure. It's your interview. Your rules.


Well, I have gotten several e-mails from married people, and I am sooooo not interested in that sort of thing. It's very, very aggravating, y'know?


For starters, I am looking for someone who is emotionally available. I really don't think a married person is. Besides, if you cheat on your husband to get to me, what's not to say, you won't cheat on me to get to someone else.

Be single. Be available. Be looking for a relationship, whatever form that may take.

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