Teaching Lessons......  

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Teaching Lessons......

I sat at the bar, thinking about what a loudmouth little bitch she is. The girl was gorgous, but man, what a loudmouth, obnoxios bitch. My very best friend had invited me over for the party and here this girl was trying to hog all the attention. Many of the girls in the group were getting pretty tired of her shit too.
After about 10 more minuits of her strutting around acting like a little brat, I had had enough. I quickly stepped up next to her and grabbed a hand full of hair. Right at the base of the back of the neck. "Little One, you want attention, well, your fixin to get more than you can handle, but all that you deserve."
She stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth hanging open and her pretty green eyes wide. Every guest in the room stopped to watch what was happening.
I not so gently led her accross the room to our host and said, Yoseph, "this little brat has tried to get our attention by disrespecting your home and guests, please, accept her appology."
Giving a tug on the hair I looked at her and said, " dont you wish to appologize to our host?"
She nodded her head and stammered a quiet "sorry".
Yoseph quickly smiled at me and then sternly looked at her; "Aplolgy accepted, now do as you are told." Her eyes got bigger and she looked toward me with a questioning look. Leading her over to a barrel shaped chair at one end of the room, I spun the chair around and bent her over the chair, her butt facing the rest of the room. "Ladies and gentleman, grab a drink and enjoy the show"
I held her down with a hand on the flat of her back. With my right hand I reached down and pulled her dress up to expose her thigh high stockings, garter, and lacy panties. She gasped and tried to wiggle away from me. I just held her there. "You have acted like a spoiled brat, now you shall be punished like one." So saying, I quickly brought my hand down accross her ass. Whack whack whack. Ten times I swatted her ass while she squirmed about. I stopped and told her, "be still and stay bent over or I will simply tie you to the chair, understand?" She quit struggling and stammered, Yes sir. I turned away asking the group, "does anyone here have a paddle or small cane?" One of the young ladies that had been arguing with the little bitch earlier, smiled and walked to the bar. Reaching under the bar she pulled out a strap about 20 inches long and about 31/2 inches wide. "This should work nicely." Bringing the strap to me, She started to hand it to me, "no,Tammy, you do the next 10". Tammy smiled and moved to my side. I reached down and pulled the bitches panties down to her knees, exposing her ass and a shaven pussy. The whole room drew in a deep breath at the sight of that beautiful ass and pussy. Tammy took a deep breath and then quickly delivered 10 hard swats with the strap. Each one causing the bitch to jump and howl. Red welts were rising on the bitches ass. Tammy handed me the strap, smiled at me, bent down and planted a kiss right on that beautiful little pussy. I dont know who was more surprised, the bitch or the crowd. I quickly waved to our host to come up front. He came toward us smilling. "Bitch, are you ready to recieve your punishment from our host.?" She nodded thru teary eyes and mumbled yes. Yoseph took the strap from my hand and said, "Each guest will take five swats on this ass." with that he quickly snapped the strap against her ass 10 times. She cried and danced and howled. As soon as Yoseph was done some one else took his place. Each man and woman there took turns on her ass until her ass was crimson red. At this point, I went to the bar and got some lotion. Pouring it onto my hands, I slowly rubbed it into her ass. Gently messaging the welts and marks from the spanking. As I kneeled behind her I could smell the musky scent, and realized she was totally aroused, I gentlyran my hand down to her pussy and found her wet. I quickly stood up and dropped my pants. Gasps of suprise went around the room. I stepped out of the pants and, grabbing my cock pointed the head at her pussy and buried all 8 inches right to the hilt. She screamed,"Yes" as I began thrusting in and out of her. She moaned and groaned and slammed her body backwards to meet my thrusts. For a full fifteen minuits we rutted like wild animals. She cried out as she reached her orgasm. I quickly with drew from her pussy and with no warning slammed balls deep into her ass hole. She took in a deep breath and moaned as another orgasm rocked her body. I stroked deeply feeling the lave building in my thighs and balls. I started deep stroking, all the way in, and all the way out, till just the tip was in her ass. Then, plunged all the way back in. As the orgasm swept over me I pulled out and shot my load all over her perfect ass and smooth back. The whole crowed of guests got to their feet and cheered and clapped. I stepped into my pants. I retrieved a towel and wiped her clean, pulled her panties up, and walked her to the bar. Pouring a glass of Black Velvet for her and one for myself, we raised our glasses to the room and I toasted, "Here is to having a beautiful and obediant wife."
The End.

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Wow! Fantastic story - am totally horny now....


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Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the Pics. They / You are awsome.

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