A long night .....Cont.  

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5/10/2006 4:08 am
A long night .....Cont.

Looking at your body laying accross the pillows, I had to sit back and just enjoy the view. Your body tight with sexual tension. Sweat was on your back and sides and your panties were soaked and your ass cheeks were qivering as you slowly humped the pillows trying to drive the clit stimulator farther into your soaked pussy.
I loved the view, your hair spread out all over as you shook and moved. With no warning I brought my hand down on your right ass cheek with a solid whack. You jumped so hard you almost left the bed. I chuckled. Running my fingernails over your ass cheeks and down to your thighs. Your skin so soft and pliant. I slowly stroked the inside and back of your thighs.
Slowly, leaning forward, I kissed your pussy thru your panties. you quivered and moaned as I probed your pussy thru the light material of your panties. Using my teeth I pulled / pushed your panties away and stuck my tongue into your tight little hole. Tasting your juices, smelling your scent, my cock started growing and throbbing again.
I pulled back as I got a pubic hair in my mouth and realized that this could not be. Nothing should be between your pussy lips and my lips. I quickly stipped the pantees down to your ankles and rolled you over. Pulling you by your ankles to the edge of the bed, I lifted your legs and shoved a towel under your ass. Going to the other bed I retrieved my shaver out of the bag. Your eyes wide you mouthed a quiet "no". I smiled a wicked little smile at you and said, "A clean shaven pussy is easier to lick and better to suck", and with out a bit of hesitation, comminced to shaving the entire pubic area. when this was done, I tossed the razor back into the bag and got out my straight razor and shaving cream. Pulling you to your feet, I led you to the bathroom. I laid the razor and cream on the edge of the tub and turned the shower on good and hot.
Turning to you I took your face in my hands and looked into your eyes. Kissing your lips gently I ran my hands around your back and over your ass, pulling you to me firmly. I held you close for just a few moments, waiting for the trembling to subside. "Step into the shower, now". You complied. I stepped into the shower and pulled you into the strong hot spray with me. Holding you and messaging your back and stroking your hair. Slowly I kneeled at your feet, kissed your pussy and then reached for the Shaving cream and razor. I spread cream on your pubic area and around the top, sides and bottom of your pussy, you spread your legs willingly. I then started very slowly shaving you with the straight razor. You trembled and shook but never tried to stop me. You knew that I was In control and were now supplicant to my wishes. I stroked the razor over you until your pussy was hairless as a newborns. Then I took a hot wash cloth and wiped it and let the shower head spray water over it.
then I lifted your leg and put your foot on the edge of the tub and kissed my way from your ankle to your pussy. When I reached your pussy I burried my face in it and licked inside the lips and around the edges of your pussy. You moaned and I brushed my teeth accross your clit. I felt your hands on my shoulders and knew that this was good for you. You moved your hands to the back of my head and pulled my face further towards your pussy. I continued licking and sucking and nibbling until both legs were shaking. Suddenly I stood up, spun you around and leaned you forward. Your hands going to the wall. I reached around and burried my fingers into your pubic area, and from behind you I slammed my cock into you. My cock went deep and hard into your pussy, I pulled back and slammed it again and again into your tight and quivering hole. You moaned and thrust back against me as I fucked you with the force and ferocity of a crazed rappist. My fingers playing over your clit and around my cock as it pounded in and out of you. I felt your pussy clench around my cock as you reached the peak of your orgasm. I pulled back until the head of my cock was just barely at the entrance of your pussy and then thrust forward with all my weight behind it. I hit bottom and it lifter you up onto your toes as I came. I pulled your hips bacwards to bury myself as deep as possible inside of you. Loving the feeling of your tight hole. I could feel your insides quivering and my cock throbbing to thier own beat. Both of us breathing hard. Panting and shuttering I removed my cock from your pussy and turned you around. I Kissed your lips and chin and trailed kisses down to your breasts and back up to kiss you some more. The water beating a steady tattoo of sound on our bodies as we held to each other.
Taking the wash cloth and soap I commenced to washing you head to foot. Then gently messages shampoo into your hair. You leaned forward and I messaged your scalp and hair with firm, yet gentle care. Ringsing your hair and body free of soap, I turned the water off and wrapped you in a towel. Leading you out of the bathroom and over to the bed, and gently laying you down. "Close your eyes and rest for awhile, I will be right back". You rolled to your side and closed your eyes.
I quickly dried my own body off and stepped into my clothes. Picking up the key to the room I stepped out side and headed down to the car.

You awoke an hour later and slowly opened your eyes. There on the night stand was a Single rose and a note. You slowly sat up and reached for the note. "You are a true beauty, as is the rose. You should arrange to meet me back here on the 15th of the month, Just two weeks from today. This is not a request." You smiled as you saw the Jazzman scrawled accross the bottom. It was a long long night, but your whole body was relaxed and fullfilled. Yes, you would be back on the 15th. And yes it felt great to be desired and deserving of someones absolute attention. You'd be back.


Linda, hope you enjoyed the little story. I know I enjoyed writting it. Have tried to show you that I can be demanding and yet lovingly gentle. I am not a big man, but I do know how to control a woman in the right situations. Please feel free to email me and let me know your thoughts and fantasy's. If you so choose we can arrange a get together sometime and I will try to make one or two of your fantasy's a reality.
Luv ya---

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