A long night, (For you Linda)  

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5/10/2006 4:05 am
A long night, (For you Linda)

I strolled into the lounge looking for action and excitement. A long boring week had put me in the mood to rev things up a bit. I was high strung and horny as hell.
Making my way to the bar I noticed you sitting there. You had those big beautiful eyes and an aura about you that told me "this is the one for tonight". I liked the way you looked, sitting there like you were hungry, but didn't know what you hungered for.
I said hello and ordered drinks for both of us. I didn't ask what you wanted just bought you a Cheves Regal on the rocks, like mine. You murmered a thanks and immediately picked up the drink. Taking your hand I led you to the dance floor. A slow song on the box and I was holding you close.Putting my arm around your waist I pulled you close and gently stroked your hair. Ensuring I kept my hands close to your ass but not enough to scare you. You melted into my arms and I couold feel the tension leaving your body as me moved slowly accross the floor.
Song ended and we continued to stand there. you held tightly, slightly trembling. I looked at the ring on your finger and smiled to myself. Knowing that hubby was off somewhere and you were trying, for the 1st time in your life, to find that old excitement that you used to feel so easily. I led you back to the bar and we finished our drinks.
I took your hand and headed for the door. You followed quietly, and I could feel you trembling. Straight up the steps to Number 69. Funny I thought, good number for what lay ahead. We stepped into the room and you reached for the light. "NO" I said firmly yet quietly. "Not yet". I sat you on the bed and messaged your shoulders and neck with strong firm strokes. You moaned and leaned back against me. Running my fingers through your hair and gently messaging your scalp. You had goosebumps all up and down your arms. I reached around you and un buttoned your blouse and pulled it off of you. Messaging your back, shoulders, arms, slowly, so slowly working my way around to your chest and stomach. Never yet touching your breasts. I stood you up and slowly reached around the front of you and undid your pants, then ever so slowly peeled them off of you. You lifted each of your beautiful legs to step out of your pants. Standing, I put my arms around you and pulled you back to me. My hard on pressing against your ass. I commenced to massaging your belly, hips and thighs. Stepping around you I pushed you back onto the bed. Looking into your eyes I had to take a deep breath. You were beautiful, and I, the Jazzman, was getting ready to put you thru the ordeal of your life.
I slowly tied each of your wrists and ankles to the bed. watching the fear and curiosity build in your eyes and body. You trembled. After tying you seculrely, I walked away from the bed and slowly removed all of my clothes. My cock springing free as I removed my underwear. Your eyes grew as you looked hungrily at my cock. I knew you wanted it and yet were afraid of how far this would go.
To Be Continued:

Hope yur enjoying so far. More later tongight.
Sweet wet dreams....

It often amazes me that some woman can be so trustful of me. Knowing that I am a complete stranger, them tied to the bed. Any thing could happen. And yet thru the danger and the what if's they know that they would do ANYTHING to find what ever it is they are looking for. I smiled.
Slowly approaching the bed, I rubbed my cock. It was standing tall ready to do what ever, however. You looked at my cock and back to my eyes and immediately the fear registered in your eyes. YOU were MINE. NOTHING, NO ONE, could help you now.
Your eyes grew wide as I reached down beside the bed and got a small duffel bag. The knife came out and you pushed back into the mattress as I brought it to your chest. Looking into your eyes was magic. With the flick of my wrist your bra was cut cleanly in the center. Using the blade of the knife I lifted the cups of the bra away from your breasts. I tossed the knife on the other bed and leaned down over your breasts, breathing on them, admiring them, but not touching them, not yet.
Your entire body was shaking now. I knew what needed to be done and quickly put my face between your legs and and ran my tongue around the edges of your panties. breathing hard as I moved my face from right thigh to left. Breathing warm air on your panty clad pussy. you moaned and squirmed and I knew you were close. I slowly carresed your vaginal lips with my tongue. Ever so slowly working around the sides and down to the crack of your ass. When I ran my tongue between your pussy lips I could taste your juices, smell your woman scent, I knew it was time. I pressed my mouth right down on your pussy, rubbing your clit with my tongue. You exploded. I felt your body arch and your body shook like a leaf in a full gale wind, your panties dampened now to a full wetness. I glanced at your face and was rewarded with the look of pure extacy and rapture that follows a great orgasm. Eyes closed you just lay there trembling. I moved away from the bed and reached into my bag. Removing a bottle of KY warming gell, i straddled your waist. My clock resting from pussy to belly button. You kept your eyes closed and I knew you were waiting to see what would happen. I quickly poured the KY on your breasts and shoulders. Your eyes flew open as the liguid ran all over your breasts and shoulers and down into the hollow of your neck. I gently for the first time touched your breasts!
Oh, the bliss I felt. To rub such a prize pair of beautiful breasts, and to know that for now, they were mine. quickly the message started. Up on your shoulders and your neck and down your sides and across your belly and back to your breasts. I was about to cum myself. I worked my way up to your breasts. Positioning my cock between them. pressing them together i moved my cock toward your chin and back. You were looking at it like it was a snake. Un sure of what was going to happen you had started trembling again. You looked at my face and saw the evil smile and trembled harder. I actually saw you press your lips together. Oh so you didnt like cock sucking huh, WELL, that was going to change quickly. I quickly untied your wrists and flipped you onto your belly. tying your wrists behind your back. I raised your hips and put pillows under them, forcing your ass into the air. I slowly, ever so slowly pulled your panties down to expose your ass and your beautifull bush. Bringing my face down I trailed kisses accross both butt cheeks to the top of your ass crack. Then the tongue teasingly downyour ass crack to your anus, gently kissing your anus, and then moving on to your pussy. I gently probed your pussy with my tongue and tasted your juices. Ahhh,
the scent of a woman!
Going back up to the top of the bed i pulled your hair and tilted your head back so I could look in your eyes. I put my back against the head board and smiled as I watched your eyes dart down to my cock. Holding your head back and looking into your eyes I quietly and firmly commanded, "suck my cock, now"
You pressed your lips firmly together and shook your head "no" like a little school girl.
I laughed and simply reached up and pinched your nose closed. After a few seconds you opened your mouth to gasp for air and i pushed my cock into your mouth. "Don't bite, don't gag, don't do anything except suck my cock like it was your best friend or favorite lollypop." I pulled my dick out of your mouth, allowing you to breath. "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way", I smiled wickedly, "the hard way involves my giving you a whipping and you explaining the welts on the ass to your husband", grinning I looked at you and saw your eyes go wide. "NOW, suck my cock".!!!!!
You quickly opened your mouth and I buried my cock in your mouth. I could feel you start to gag and then I pulled part way out. "You do the work or I will" I leaned back against the head board as you ran your tongue over the head of my cock and down the shaft.
I had thaught that you had beautiful kissable lips when I first saw you at the bar, but watching you suck my cock was like watching the sun set. I was taken aback by your beauty. You lay there being forced to suck my cock, and yet thru it all you were beautiful. I watched your lips stretch as you took it all the way down your throat, I felt your lips brush my pubic hair and that was all it took. i arched my back and shot huge loads of cum into your mouth. You amazed me even more by greedily sucking down every drop.
I got to my feet and smiled at you, "that wasn't so bad was it?" you squinted a nasty look my way and then your hungry eyes went back to my cock. I laughed, you deffinitly were getting the hunger. I took the bag from the other bed, pulling out a clit stimulator i pushed it between your pussy lips and then pulled your panties back up good and high to help keep it in place. You moaned as I turned it on. wiggling your hips and slowly humping the pillows. I smiled, went to the head of the bed and grabbed a handfull of your beautiful hair. pulling your face up I kissed your lips. Gently running my tongue over your lips and then into your mouth. Soft, pliant, beautiful lips that just demandd to be kissed. I tasted my own scent on your breath as I pushed my tongue into your mouth. you greedilly kissed back, tears streaming down your face. It was truly one of the finest kisses I had ever experienced.
Trailing my fingers accross your shoulders i moved around and straddled your hips. I began messaging your shoulders and back. I could feel you moving under me, the clit stimulator doing its Job..Rubbing your smooth skin I applied more KY warming gelll and rubbed it in. Knowing that it was making your body hot and tingly. I stoked and messaged down to your hips. leaning forward I trailed kisses down your back and over your ass. You were trembling from the clit stimulator and huping the pillow alot faster now. I got down between your legs and pulled your panties into the crack of your ass.
Now we were getting some where..................

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