Masturbate for Me  

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7/2/2006 9:52 am
Masturbate for Me

When I am with a woman and when we both have achieved a certain comfort level between us - there is nothing more I enjoy than seeing her masturbate.

I love to see a woman touching her body and feeling herself all over. The very sight of it is incredibly erotic and exciting. As she closes her eyes, opens her mouth slightly and licks her lips, her hands running over her entire body feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples, moving her hands down her belly and to the inside of her thighs as her legs slowly spread apart. I don't like to sit back while watching this. I prefer to view it up close and personal. As she touches and rubs and squeezes and moans, you can learn SO much about what makes her feel good. Stimulation of her clitoris and g-spot is the most important thing a man can learn about a woman sexually, and to see her perform these things on herself, if studied closely, is a guaranteed way to learn her pleasures and guarantee she will enjoy your touch. Of course it will take practice once it's your turn to get her off, but that’s okay -- I'm always willing to practice.

I love to see a woman using a dildo or vibrator, as this is another great way to 'educate' yourself on the pleasure of intercourse, and also what will keep her coming back for more of you. Does she like it rough? Quick and hard? Slow and deep? Watch as she maneuvers her hips and thrusts to meet the toy of choice and you can learn quickly what will be sure to get her off when it is your turn to become the toy.

And then there are the times I simply want her to masturbate to make herself feel good. Because if she feels good, I feel good. I love to have my lady position herself under the warm running water in the tub, feet up on the tiled wall. I love to watch as she uses her feet to control the water flow - hotter, faster, and bang! I once woke up a girl by frigging her clit gently and smoothly, rubbing her pussy softly and secretly for maybe 15 minutes or so...when she awoke she was incredibly wet and excited and quickly took over the job. I laid next to her and coaxed and cheered her on, talking dirty to her and telling her she was my own private little slut. Soon I had to go to work, got dressed and left for work after placing a kiss upon her forehead as she continued almost oblivious to my presence. She called me that morning 3 and a half hours later to tell me she had just finished and had cum at least 15 times, and that I would be getting special treatment when I got home! I wasn't there to watch but I still enjoyed it, knowing I had created that feeling inside of her.

So, if I ask you to masturbate for me - don't think I am merely a pervert; there IS a method to my madness you see.

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