I'm back  

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6/18/2006 7:42 am
I'm back

Hey all - I've been away for about a year, but I have triumphantly returned!! Well I dunno about the triumphantly part - but I am back nonetheless.

Where have I been you ask? Well I met an incredible woman from this site last May and spent the better part of last summer with her as my girl and it was the best time I've had in years - conversations, passion, love, companionship - but alas all good things must come to an end.

I ended my account here with AdultFriendFinder as one way to show her I was dedicated to her - but she was and still is a star on this site and couldn't let go of the attention and adulation she receives here.
One man's love vs. hundreds of men telling her how hot she is - no contest I suppose. Just one reason things didn't work out - but a big one in my opinion.

So after the split I once again kind of recoiled into my own little world. Relationships like this mean a lot to me and when they end it's hard for me to take. Instead of the few years it took me to bounce back last time, this time I'm back in a few months! Yay me! I guess the reason I react that way is because I'm pretty intense and put all my heart and soul into whatever I'm doing - work, relationships or anything in between. I won't change that just so I can live an 'ignorance is bliss' life. I believe a big problem in this world today is that too many folks settle for 'good enough' - I won't fall into that trap. I do what I do with passion and I'll just have to continue to adapt and hopefully find the right woman along the way that won't break my heart. But I do realize I'll always be vulnerable to that heartache and I'm learning to deal with it better.

Maybe that 'right woman' is here somewhere on AdultFriendFinder but I think probably not. I found 'the one' and it didn't work out. I do have other ways and means to meet people so please don't think I'm trolling AdultFriendFinder for a wife. I realize what this site is about as I've been a member for years, off and on - so I'm just here looking for fun and friendship, and maybe even a little fornication!

So - therapy aside - I am back and ready to roll. Can't wait to talk to my old friends - please say HI if you read this!

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