Behind the color of my eyes...  

rm_jay1981md 35M
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12/20/2005 6:56 pm

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3/11/2010 2:54 pm

Behind the color of my eyes...

in your eyes, people see shards of ice
everywhere... You are cold and distant, pushing
away people that love you and truely care for
you! You want to be able to reach out and love
them but... You can't for some reason... You're
just too.... You Underneath that cold
exterior lies a warm, happy soul that wants to
let loose and have fun! Your sanctuary would
probably be anywhere up high where you can look
down on life below you, like the roof of an
apartment building... Your eyes resemble a
saddened, crestfallen person seeking out
attention, but doesn't know how to handle it.
However, you do find comfort from your friends,
they're always there for you, and they know the
REAL you Even though you do seem rather
cold, you can be very protective over something
you truely believe in or love. Let go of that
"tough" rep and just be you! It's
impossible to live life without some fun and
love ^-^

sinnabunny007 43F

12/31/2005 8:55 pm

wow thats pretty deep. I write also and some of mine are deep too. we have been having a hard time meeting up i had lost my cellphone, and just found it lol. i tried to call toniht but forgot that its new years eve...since i have no date lol but will try to call u tomorrow.

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