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Fan fiction

Anyone who know's anything about me know's that i am a MASSIVE Rammstein fan. I have a big thing about Till Lindemann the lead singer. They're a German band and sing exclusively in German. They have courted controversy by their on stage antics, including the keyboard player being led out on stage on a lead, wearing a ball gag and Till beating about the ass with a dildo that eventually spurts out a white fluid (actually it's pernod and water). I belong to a few Rammstein forums as well as being an Admin on one. We have an over 18's section where we can all post steamy fan fictions about the band. I recently found one that i had started. I thought you all might like a looky. enjoy anyway.

At a gig, i'm on the floor in the middle. Till keeps looking at me throughout the gig. He sings Ohne Dich and Stripped whilst looking directly at me. As he's leaving the stage for the final time, he makes a sort of 'stay there' gesture. I stay where i am and a steward comes to tell me that Till would like the honour of my company back stage. I get led past all the screaming groupies who'd do anything for them but I've done nothing but be myself during a gig.

Back stage I see Till before he see's me and he's looking for me. The steward hands me over to Till.

I tell him i'm pleased to meet him and what a great gig it was.
'I was watching you during the gig,' he says
'I noticed,' i say with a smile (If this EVER happened i would shit myself i'd never be this cool but hey hoo it's a fantasy, i can be as cool as i like! )
He smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek then takes me back to his hotel room.

In his hotel room, he makes his excuses, saying he needs a shower, he's still in his gig clothes. I hear his clothes hit the floor and him having a shower. He comes out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair falls over his eyes and he is still dripping wet. He smells wonderful. As he walks past me, he stops. Grabs me by the shoulders and makes me stand. I'm eye to chest with him. I look up into his face. He looks down into mine. His hands are still on my shoulders and they move up to my face as he leans down into a kiss. I grab his towel, loosen it and let it fall to the floor.......

He is stood there in his nakedness. His massive chest still wet from the shower, his hair falling over his eyes framing his face. There is a look of urgency on his face. He kisses me and plunges his tongue into my mouth where it is met with mine. He tastes wonderful. His big arms are still on my face but they make their way down to my bum where he squeezes hard. I give a little gasp but he continues anyway. My hands are resting on his chest and make their way up to his neck where i hold on to him tightly. He breaks away from the kiss and starts to unbutton my shirt but gets frustrated and just rips it open. He brings his head down and places kisses on my chest, he noses the edge of my bra out of the way and kisses just inside the material. I tilt my head back and arch my back so he has better access. Our bodies below the waist are touching and i can feel him getting harder. His arms are round my back holding me tighter to his face. I'm breathing heavy and i'm sure he can feel my heart beat through my chest. He traces his lips up my chest and to my neck where he locks his lips and sucks hard for a second before moving on to trace his lips up to my ear lobe. he brings his arms from around my waist to my front where he feels me between my legs over the material of my trousers. I moan softly.
'Are you hot for me fraulein?' he asks in his heavy German accent. I nod mutely.
'Do you want me?' he asks. I nod mutely again.
he crouches down and slowly unbuttons my trousers and lets them fall on the floor. He reaches forward with his face and slowly kisses up the side of my leg and towards my crotch. I feel very hot there and wet and he knows it. He slows his kisses down to an excruciatingly slow pace. I'm almost begging for him to carry on. finally he reaches the apex and hooks the material of my panties with his teeth. He slowly starts to pull them down, still with his teeth. when they are past my knees they fall. I step out of them. He gently pulls one of my legs up over his shoulders and kisses and licks the inside of my leg. He gets higher and higher.........

Luckily the bed is just behind me as i'm unable to stand at this point and he pushes me over on to the bed. He pulls me to the edge so that my bum is just hanging over the edge. He's still on his knees in front of me..
'Du riechst so gut,' he murmurs before burying his face in-between my legs.
I smile because of what he said and then moan and gasp as he gets to work with his tongue. That tongue that i have admired from afar on many occasion and it is now buried deep in my vagina! He slowly moves his tongue upwards and finds my clitoris where he sucks on it and gently nibbles it. This sends me in to convulsions of ecstacy and i moan his name. I can feel him smile as i say his name over and over again......

He gets up off the floor, a sly look on his face.
'Wait here,'he says.
'Huh?' i say looking up, he turns towards the mini-bar of the hotel and opens the fridge to bring out a bottle of champagne. There's condensation on the sides of the bottle, the liquid inside is very cold. He walks back over to where i am, still half led on the bed. He opens the champagne bottle with a pop of the cork which flies off somewhere but neither of us know where as all the time we're staring into each others eyes. Till sits down on the floor again, grasps one of my legs and put's it over his shoulder again for easier access. The he takes a swig of cold champagne and then puts his lips to mine and begins again. Only this time the cold of the champage and the bubbles makes it more instense. I'm almost screaming with pleasure. I grip the bed sheets in my hands tightly. He swallows the mouthful of champagne.
'Hmmm, i see you like that,' he said.
'uh-huh,' i say not being able to trust myself to speak. I'm breathing heavy.
'Hmm, well i guess i'll have to do it again. Would you like me to?'
'Uh-huh,' i say again.
'I'm sorry, i didn't hear you,' he says and gives my vagina a quick tickle with his tongue.
'YES,' i scream. 'yes yes oh god yes!'
Again he took a mouthful of champagne in his mouth and holds it there whilst he licks and plays with me. He gets up onto his knee's whilst doing this and runs a hand up my leg. It was cold from holding the champagne bottle. I shiver. Slowly he puts a finger inside me. I moan even more. Still with his lips and the champagne on me he slips another finger in and turns the two fingers around. The feeling is amazing, i'm almost coming from this alone. Again he swallows the champagne and peers over my body to look at my face. I have my head tilted back and my back is arched. I'm writhing about on the bed and have handfuls of bed sheets in either hand. he leans forward, still with two fingers in me working in and out, he's watching my face intently. He extends his thumb to find my clitoris which he does with no problem at all. I almost scream again. He begins to build up speed. Very quickly he is moving now and i am almost screaming with pleasure. Having already had an orgasm, i can feel a big one building. He leans forward so that he is between my legs but still has his fingers inside me working in and out, faster and faster. His thumb is making circular motions on my clitoris. I feel like i'm about to pass out as my body builds to a crescendo. I let out a scream of pleasure as a huge orgasm rips through my body. I suddenly feel a very hot all over flush on my skin. I'm almost having convulsions, my body is juddering. I open an eye and look to see him standing and looking at my face with a smile on his. Again his damp hair has fallen over his face and frames it nicely. As my orgasm subsides, he slows his motions down and eventually stops. He takes his fingers out of me and brings them to his lips. He sucks on each finger as if he'd just finished the most tastiest of foods and wanted to keep the taste in his mouth. He bends down and kisses me up inside my legs again and up to my vagina. Here he laps up all my juices and does it with great enthusiasm. Once finished, he kisses further up my body.........

Slowly kissing up my body he picks up the champagne bottle again and pours a little into my belly button. I shriek as it's cold, but he just laughs and sucks it out again, catching and licking the trickles that roll down my side.
'I saw you watching me tonight,' he said tracing his lips up my body.
He reaches round my back and unhooks my bra and i pull it off and throw it to the floor. He looks at my breasts and takes one in his hand. My nipples are already erect. He takes a mouthful of champage and draws my nipple into his mouth. the champagne is cold and the bubbles tingle on my nipple. My flesh breaks out in goosebumps. He swallows the champagne and makes his way up to my neck where he places the most delicate kisses, over my jaw line and kisses my lips. I can taste the champagne on him. His tongue is exploring my mouth as mine is his. He is above me and i can feel his erection on my leg. I reach round his back and dig my nails in and pull them up the entire length of his back. He arches his back and a look of pain mingled with pleasure crosses his face. I lean forward and kiss his neck. I suck gently and then dig my teeth in as well. Not too hard, just enough to make him moan again.

He nudges my legs apart with his knees and again i can feel his erection pressing against me. He doesn't try to enter me yet. He pushes himself up onto his hands and looks into my eyes.
'Do you want me?' he asks again.
'Yes,' i whisper.
'turn over,' he says. He sits up and i swing one leg around him and turn over. I can feel his hands on my bum as he squeezes. He licks my back from my tattoo at the bottom of my spine all the up to my back. he brushes my long hair out of the way. I'm raised on my elbows but let my head fall forward where he bites me on my neck, gently. I can feel his erection brushing against my bum now, still he doesn't try to enter me. He leans down so he is level with my head.
'I want you,' he whispers into my ear. I can feel his hot breath on my ear and it sends shivers of anticipation down my spine. He moves off and I'm about to ask him where he is when he grips my ankles and pulls me to the bottom of the bed again. I shriek with laughter as he does this.
'Get up on your knees,' he says.
I do as he says. Again i can feel his hands over my bum. I can feel his body warmth as he comes closer to me.........

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