Fan Fiction continued  

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5/9/2006 3:43 am
Fan Fiction continued

I feel Till's hands on my back and bum. He's stood behind me, just close enough for me to feel his warmth, but not close enough to touch me. It's driving me crazy, i move backwards to get him to touch me, but he anticipates and moves backwards himself.
'Do you want me?' he asks in his heavy German accent.
'Yes, yes oh God yes!' i scream at him. I hear him chuckle softly to himself.
'Not yet,' he says. I feel him move off and open a drawer. when he comes back i feel a cold object against my pussy. I scream with surprise.
'What is that?' i ask. He just chuckles to himself again. I can feel whatever it is sliding up and down my throbbing pussy giving me shivers when it reaches my clitoris.
'Turn around,' says Till. I climb off the bed and turn around. He's stood there with a strap-on hardness and dildo in his hand. I didn't think it was possible to get more turned on at this point, but unbelievably i am! In his other hand is a tube of lube.
'You know what i want?' he asked.
It was my turn to chuckle to myself,
'Oh definitely,' i said. I took the harness and dildo off him and stepped into it. I tightened the straps and adjusted the dildo so it sat just over my pubic bone. It was massive. I'm very hot and wet by this time and he knows it.
'How do you want me?' he asked
'Like i was,' i said, 'on your knees in front of me.'
till did as he was told and climbed on the bed facing away from me, exposing his ass to me. I put some lube on my fingers and slowly and gently eased two of them into his ass. A slight whimper escaped his lips which rapidly turned into a moan. I pushed my fingers further in and just as i was about to withdraw them, i curled them so the were pointing towards his tummy. Another moan escaped his lips. This time i lubed up the dildo. It was slightly curved so i made sure it would be pointing towards his prostate. I gently pushed against his asshole, letting the dildo slide gently in. For the whole length of the dildo he moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain. I felt so hot in between my legs. I realised that the end of the dildo was pushing against my clitoris. This was going to be fun! The dildo was fully in now, Till's head hung between his broad shoulders. I slowly pulled the dildo partly out before moving back in again slightly faster. I did this gradually building up speed. I raised my hand and gave him a stinging slap on his ass cheek. totally surprised at this he almost screamed but asked me to do it again! I did, gladly. I was moving my hips backwards and forwards and he was doing the same, to get more depth and speed. Each thrust i gave, sent shock waves of pleasure throughout my body. I was almost constantly orgasming. Till was propped up on only one arm, his other was on his throbbing cock, wanking himself whilst i was fucking his ass. suddenly he let out a cry of pleasure, i started to slow down thinking he'd cum.
'Don't stop,' he said urgently. So i carried on, getting faster and faster. I slapped his ass again and again, it was getting bright red now. Till was moaning and suddenly let out another cry and arched his back. I could see he'd ejaculated properly this time, so i slowed down my thrusts. I had pussy juices running down my leg from the constant orgasms i'd experienced. Astonishingly, Till got up, took the strap-on off me, and made me lie down on the bed again. He parted my legs and licked all the way up my legs, lapping up the pussy juices. he'd stop when he got to my upper thigh and then start on the other leg until he'd licked all the juice up. Then he plunged into my pussy, licking and sucking all the juice he could. I was tearing at the bed sheets, writhing about with pleasure. I'd never had such a voracious tongue on me before. I entwined my hands in his hair, pushing his face further into my pussy. The more he licked, the more i came, the more i came, the more juice i made, the more juice there was, the more he licked etc. In the end i had to release his head because i couldn't take any more. I was so sensitive that even just the lightest of touches to my clitoris made me cum. Reluctantly i had to tell him to stop, let me get my breath back. He looked up at me from between my legs, those blue eyes twinkling at me, he was licking his lips.

suddenly there was a knock at the door!
'Till, good gig tonight, ja? Oh es tut mir leid!' said a voice. Coming into view, i saw that it was Till's band mate, Richard......

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