What I Will Be Listening To This Weekend ...  

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4/29/2006 1:48 pm

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What I Will Be Listening To This Weekend ...

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I got given five free CDs today because I had promised my friend to write music reviews for the student newspaper he edits. He gave me really good ones, using them as baits! I'm sure it will be pubescent Cantopop next week, which can also be interesting, I have to admit. I don't listen to Cantopop that often to be bored by it! But what I really really really want to write about is Bizet's Carmen, which is performing in Hong Kong from 18th to 21st May! I love operas.

Here are what I will be listening to during the Labour Day weekend in Hong Kong:

1. Erasure, Union Street - no more drum machines and synthesizers, the camp duo are back with an acoustic album of some old hits. I almost forgot what a great voice Andy Bell has.

2. The Vines, Vision Valley - an Australian punk band that indulges in teen angst. I have yet to discover the "vision" in "Gross Out", a song that consists of four lines of lyrics, "I feel so down/Time bring me around/C'mon now let me feel the gross out/C'mon I'll let ya feel the gross out".

3. Placebo, Meds - glam rock, fake eyelashes and double Gin and Tonic.

4. Massive Attack, Collected - a greatest hits album; their songs evoke strong visual images, hence their ever so interesting music videos. "Karmacoma" has got to be my "Make Me Wet" song - "Deflowering my baby, aiyee my baby me/I must be crazy, see I'm swazy ..."

5. Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited - A while ago, I wrote that I listen to "Birkin and her Gainsbourg" on my profile, which got some Francophils curious: "You are too young to appreciate the wit of Gainsbourg." Well, duh. I couldn't have watched Last Tango In Paris in 1978 even if I wanted to! And I did that reversal deliberately - so what if Birkin was indebted to Gainsbourg for her success?!

"Je t'aime" always reminds me of the Mild Seven cigarettes commercial when I was young because the song was used as background music: the blinding, bright blue sky and the couple strolling on the white sand beach ... I miss the obsoletes that define my generation.

The songs are newly remixed and covered by, allegedly, "some of today's most influential artists", such as Franz Ferdinand, Jarvis Cocker, Michael Stipe and Placebo. For remixes, sometimes the DJs overdo it to a point where you can't even recognise the original melody, but this one's not bad, interesting and easy on the ears.

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4/30/2006 10:16 am

Unfinished Sympathy is one of my all time favourite song. I love that song from the time it was first released and I still listen to it all the time. What I love most is the orchestra bit at the end of the song. Teardrops is also an amazing track, great video.

An whenever I hear Je t'aime, it reminds me of this brilliant tv commercial for a KY jelly I saw many years ago in Europe.

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