What Do You Wear On The First Date?  

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3/28/2006 9:16 am

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What Do You Wear On The First Date?

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One of my girlfriends was complaining to me one night that her lover is getting "maah faan" (Cantonese for "troublesome") because he has mentioned a few things about her attire like asking her to wear certain kind of boots, stockings, lingerie et cetera. And of course we blame it on pornography.

While girls do love to get all dolled up for dates, most of the times we just want to wear something light and casual, instead of dressing for a certain role, as if we are under the pressure to accentuate femininity - the billboard version. There can be too much "performance" in sex. I'm not talking about faking orgasms. I'm talking about the whole persona we have or try to project when we meet up with people.

I have been shopping frantically for a dress for my first meeting with lagano, but then again if I am a forgettable shag, I will be equally forgettable in my Prada dress. I have never been a fan of J Galliano I'm afraid.

My friends know I have a thing for men wearing stripy shirts. So if my dates happen to wear one, I will be so smitten with the little coincidence. However, when demigod_sg came to pick me up at the airport, he was wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of black shorts and flip-flops. I asked him why he was wearing shorts and flip-flops. Is he taking me to Sentosa? He simply said "Because it's my day off."

I think it's always better to wear what we like, rather than what we think our dates would like. Therefore, I have decided to forget about the lacey lingerie when I meet up with lagano.

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