Men At 40  

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3/22/2006 10:36 am

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Men At 40

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I feel like I have been talking non-stop about my crushes for lagano and garp390 here on my blog. I don't know about you but it surely does begin to get on my nerves. And I always feel very silly afterwards. It's like telling the whole world what your favourite cereal is. Well mine is HampPlus Granola or Pumpkin Seeds by the way.

Shouldn't I be over them by now?

A guy was sitting next to me on the bus today. He is about my age. He was wearing glasses and dark suit, looking pretty smart. Then, he took a book out of his briefcase. It was actually a book about some computer game and its strategies to win. After a while, a schoolboy got on and sat opposite to us. He put down his backpack, violin and lunchbox, and then took out you know what. He was also reading a book about computer games. It was such a funny picture. I wish I had my camera with me.

Some guys mention in their profiles that they aren't into teenagers. Only real women need to apply. And some say they don't find girls who are into Hello Kitty or speak in a high pitch voice very sexy. I totally understand what they are talking about.

I have to admit I love chasing boys, especially those who are reaching 40. I am very attracted to them - the way they walk or talk or dress themselves, the way they kiss, how they treat women et cetera are just different. They won't fight with you for the remote control and they won't bore you with car/gadget talks either.

Sigh. I am constantly checking my Hello Kitty diary to see when I can take a few days off to fly to Singapore. And once I get home from work, I always log on to read lagano's blog and see if he has responded to my posts or sent me messages.

Here I am again, being screwed by my online fantasies. Are they really that good? What make them so good?

Womenpleaser62 47M  
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3/22/2006 4:28 pm

Hi Jasmine, if the guys pass the 40´s, I think they really get more interesting. But also to name experience....
We know how to treat a woman like a princess, and know how to please her, too. There will not be a simple in-and-out for 5 minutes, since the best thing in life is having sex at least for more than an hour, then break time a bit, and then continue ....

I am 44 and very horny, and when I see your pics I get even more horny. I hope to meet you somewhere on our journeys...

With kisses from Germany

londongames 36M

3/22/2006 8:13 pm

I gotta shout out to the younger crowds out there..... Why does everyone have such a bad view of young men on here? Are there so many assholes that it's easier to clump us all together lol?

Its hard goddamn work being an upstanding 25yr old in the constant face of aggression lol... And sometimes enough is enough:

I'm 25, and although old enough not to feel the need to compare my age group to that of 40yr olds, cos they most definitely have qualities we prob. do not yet posess.., I do have to point out that some of us (yes, shock horror!) can hold a conversation, do know how to please a woman, and better still, dont have to brag about it..... (ok apart from when in a rant)

I'm probably feeding right into Lagano's hands here, but I really don't think age is that much of an issue these days anymore.... At least, look at teenagers nowadays compared to when you or even I were teenagers.... They are soo much more with it and on the ball (not necessarily for the right reasons) than we were. People are just getting exposed to more and more through the ages and the time has passed when only someone past 35 really knew how to push all her buttons the right way, at just the right time...

Is everyone just feeling threatened by youth these days? I like your image from the bus J, i can just see it in my head. The lines are getting blurred these days...

Give us younglings a break lol, we're more savvy than we let on sometimes....

rant over

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