Dominant Or Submissive?  

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3/31/2006 11:11 am

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Dominant Or Submissive?

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After reading Conditioned By Pornography regarding my views on threesomes, Hottie#1 says the following, "So the two lioness's turn into a pair of cuddly kittens. And here was me thinking we had a pair of bond girls here just waiting to devour the next man to apply, oh the dissapointment!"

I don't know what he had expected but in the bedroom, there's definitely more purring than roaring, with the occasional "Shut up. Our rules." or "Can you lick us this way and not that?" We are very polite and tamed. Lin may give your ass a little bite. We don't scratch. We don't give you bruises. We don't pull your hair.

Perhaps Lin and I should seriously consider taking a cram course with mistresshongkong (that's her ass on the left by the way), who sent us an invitation today. We might learn a few useful tips as she whips and fucks us with her strap-on. I wonder if we could afford her.

While I do like being handcuffed to the bedpost and I agree there is a certain beauty in a woman being tied up, do PVC outfits, leather whips, plastic gloves and high, shiny, dominatrix boots turn you on?

And as much as I hate to disappoint Hottie#1, I haven't explored the dynamic between the master and the slave except that in the nineteenth-century colonial literature. I know I am such a nerd. Whenever I receive emails that entitled "Dominant CEO Seeks Submissive Secretary" or "Successful Businessman ISO Dominant Lover", I usually reply that I play the same role as them. I must sound so boring now. It seems like I don't do anything kinky at all.

Lately, I have been telling my friends to watch Steven Shainberg's Secretary, an independent movie that talks about the erotic relationship between the boss (the spanker), played by the cold-faced James Spader, and the secretary (the spankee), played by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

I like it when the men I admire order me to do things, teach me things, "correct" me, tell me that I can't have dessert before dinner no matter what, as if I have been naughty. My supervisor at the university is such a disorganised man, but he likes his notes to be stapled in a particular way. And one time he said to me, "Well done, Jasmine. You staple them just the way I want. The others just don't get it."

One of the key scenes in the movie is the first spanking scene, in which the secretary falls in love with her boss. He says in a deep, calm voice, "There is nothing to understand. Bend Over. Get your face close to the letter. And read it aloud." The secretary does what she is told, and starts reading nervously. Then comes a big slap on her ass. She becomes more confident as her boss spanks away. Obviously she finds it pleasurable, which in turn drives him to spank harder. She feels liberated. She is transformed from a girl next door to a mature sex object/subject. The slave becomes the master as well - whenever there is a binary opposition, there will be a slippery of roles too. Later on, she becomes very agressive in the relationship until a balance is sought between the two and they live happily ever after.

Apart from the fact that I enjoy being spanked, I like the movie also because it is a very un-Jennifer Aniston love story.

Hottie#1 has written a funny entry (Stop it or you'll go blind!) about what it takes to be a REAL MAN. Forget about Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer playing beach volleyball half-naked, their torsos all oily and shiny in Top Gun. That's so camp! Forget about your new age lad. Women love men who give orders, who spank well and who know that money talk is lamer and limper than Limp Cock Man. I still love men who read me poetry though, but please no more quotes from Shakespeare!

"Assume the position." I'll do whatever you want ...

londongames 36M

4/1/2006 4:36 am

secretary is such an incredibly subtle film.... i love talking shop, obviously, this is my field, but damn if that flic didn't impress me. you're right, there's something quite humane about the submissive nature of maggie's performance in it. And somehow james spader comes across quite likeable for the most, but look closer at the dark, passionate colours, overly-spacious rooms & cluttered accessories.... and you'll see the entire backbone of FETISHISM subtely applied throughout the whole 90 minutes...... genius...

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