Casanova From Hell!  

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5/28/2006 12:14 pm

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Casanova From Hell!

Mood: Trying to get over the kiss between Juliette Lewis and Woody Allen in Husbands and Wives - YUK!

So I have been very quiet throughout May because Mr. Softest Lips in Central (SLIC) shuts me up with a heartbreaking e-mail. Heartbreaking not because he has said something hurtful but because he has said something really beautiful. (People, for heaven's sake, stop humming James Blunt!) So beautiful that it hurts to read - I was crying in the office that day. Urgh, what a cruel man!

Bascially, Mr. SLIC agrees that I should stick with the weight I desire and open up my heart for love. Lightness is fun but it's just not me, no matter how hard I laugh, how much I love sucking cocks, how quickly I come with Hotties #3, 8, 5 and 17. But I haven't heard from Mr. SLIC since the e-mail. I messaged him to say thank you, but there is no reply. Perhaps he is in Singapore busy shagging his classmates. I don't know. All I know is I really miss him. I want to be lame and celebrate my birthday with him. LOL. Well, our birthdays. We are both Leos. His birthday is three days after mine. I really miss him. Every time I go to Central/Lan Kwai Fong I wish I could bump into him again, which I did once and I was on a date. I saw him walking up the hill in his pink polo shirt and jeans, his cheeks all red from the gym. Then he turned and our eyes met. I really miss him.

Then again, I know what we can have is Lightness not Weight.

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