"From Fifth Avenue Up"  

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12/27/2005 8:46 am

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"From Fifth Avenue Up"

I found a little treasure, "The Book of Repulsive Women" by Djuna Barnes, at Kinokuniya when I was in Singapore. I had been looking for this collection of poetry and drawings for ages. It made my day.

Barnes was originally from New York, a journalist by profession but later moved to work in Paris and befriended the infamous circle of "The Literary Women of the Left Bank".

Here is one of the poems. I'm in awe.

"From Fifth Avenue Up"

Someday beneath some hard
Capricious star -
Spreading its light a little
Over far,
We'll know you for the woman
That you are.

For though one took you, hurled you
Out of space,
With your legs half strangled
In your face,
You'd lip the world to madness
On your face.

We'd see your body in the grass
With cool pale eyes.
We'd strain to touch those lang'rous
Length of thighs;
And hear your short sharp modern
Babylonic cries.

It wouldn't go. We'd feel you
Coil in fear
Leaning across the fertile
Fields to leer
As you urged some bitter secret
Through the ear.

We see your arms grow humid
In the heat;
We see your damp chemise lie
Pulsing in the beat
Of the over-hearts left oozing
At your feet.

See you sagging down with bulging
Hair to zip,
The dappled damp from some vague
Under lip.
Your soft saliva, loosed
With orgy, drip.

Once we'd not have called this
Woman you -
When leaning above your mother's
Spleen you drew
Your mouth across her breast as
Trick musicians do.

Plunging grandly out to fall
Upon your face.
In grimace.
With your belly bulging stately
Into space.

eternal1969 47M
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12/27/2005 9:52 am

Indeed a woman in full circle...

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