"Everything That Turns Ahhh! Into Oooo ..."  

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4/24/2006 12:38 pm

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"Everything That Turns Ahhh! Into Oooo ..."

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After the release of massage devices like uZap (for the stomach), iSnug or iSqueeze (feet and calves), iPoke (soles), iPamper (whereever you want it honey) and iDesire (the full body experience), Osim has come up with yet another gadget for the chair-bound office ladies in Asia, iGallop, which is said to tone and firm the abdonimal muscles, the hip muscles and the abductor muscles at the thighs through simulating the trotting of a horse - front, back and lateral, but "without any conscious exertion of [the user's] part".

The price tag reads HKD4,880, which is about USD626. Would you consider buying it for your wife or girlfriend?

A few male bloggers have taken the piss out of it and nicknamed the machine "iFuck" and "iCame" because of its sexist advertisement: beautiful girls Ahhh-ing and Oooo-ing on the thing with a big smile on the face, as if there was a vibrator attached to it.

This guy, for example, received like 250 comments for his ingenious, surrealist even, graphic of the product: rockson.blogspot.com

While Hottie#1 dreads the idea of going to the gym, this is just as stupid if not more! And it makes me wonder if the company is actually competing against the Durex Play collections.

Let's read further ...

Adopt a striking posture
By replicating the rhythmic movements of horse-riding, OSIM iGallop causes reciprocal pelvic movements in the rider. This forces the rider to adopt an upright posture to stay balanced.

Good sense of balance
The multi-directional movements of the saddle require precise activation of muscles in the rider in order to respond and stay upright. This encourages a keener sense of balance and muscular co-ordination.

Looking great and feeling even better
Your whole body gets involved even as you move with the galloping rhythm of the iGallop. Muscles are worked and blood circulation improved, promoting the well-being of the whole body.

Use of iGallop can:
- help burn body fat.
- improve cardiovascular function and stamina.
- be an effective means of weight reduction when combined with proper diet.
- improve blood circulation and respiration.
- exercise and strengthen seldom used muscles.
- improve reflexes, coordination and balance.
- provide an efficient workout with minimal stress on the kneecaps.

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