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7/22/2006 3:32 pm

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Sex around the world ...

OK, call me strange, but I just took a look at some of the AdultFriendFinder listings around the world ... honing in on some of the more, well, repressed places, like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. You know, places that have active religious police that throw young girls into burning buildings because they weren't covered properly (yes, this happened in Saudi Arabia).

Amazingly enough, there appears to be a thriving community in these places.

Why is this, you think? Is is rebellion against the repression? Is the repression not as much as we'd suspected? Are these ads (at least in part) traps set by the religious/morality police to catch people being immoral? Or is it just the rich that can do what they want and get away with it? (You'd be amazed at how much Saudi princes spend on young boys/girls ...)

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7/23/2006 9:56 pm


How are you guys doing? I would like to let you in on some of my experiences here in corpus christi. When my girl (white) and I(black) were together on this site, we would contact people we thought would be cool to hookup with. We would get messages back like (you're not our type), (we're looking for someone younger or older)or (we're not looking right now), but yet their profile would say that they're open minded, looking for threesomes or full swap sex. The matches would be 100%, and so we would think everything would be good to go. So we did seperate profiles, and my girl was getting so much mail she would laugh about it because it would be from most the couples and women who gave us the excuses of why we couldn't meet in first place. I wasn't getting much mail at all. So we boiled it down to two possible things. 1. One of the partners had a problem with another race doing their partner. 2. They were only interested in my girl because she was bi-curious and liked threesomes. We even thought that if I was (white) and she was (black), we would have gotten more responses and hookups. I have had some good experiences too. I hooked up with married couple (very open minded) here in corpus and we have been getting together every since we met the first time. There's another couple from out of town, and we stay in contact with each other. There are a few female friends that I have met and have a butty call every now and then with. So things have gotten better, I just feel that if you're going to do it. You need to be honest with yourself first. I feel that the people who put on their profiles that they are openminded are not honest and not only are they not honest with themselves, but they're not honest to the rest of us either. I just say be honest and true to yourself, the rest will fall into place.



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7/23/2006 10:37 pm

Sir Teabing's take on the Arab thing...

Yes, Arab countries are very different to the Western world but the media often distorts the true picture; in Saudi Arabia in particular. I lived there for over 3 years (left there not long before 9/11) and the country is one of contradictions. Yes, there is repression in terms of the way one has to live one's life to a strict religious code, yet there is universal state-funded health care for all, irrespective of status or wealth, and nobody goes hungry, unlike a lot of countries in the so-called civilised world. The Saudi Ruling (they are certainly not 'Royal') Family, the tribe of Al-Saud, are indeed profligate and corrupt (one of Bin Laden's mantras), and there is probably a small minority of them who are sexually deviant, yet they are the glue that binds together what would otherwise be a bunch of disparate warring tribes squabbling over what is now a stable (although unusual) country that is, de-facto, an ally of the USA and of the UK. So, it's probably a small price to pay if the West turns a blind eye to some of the more unseemly practices of the Saudi big-wigs if it means stability in the Arabian Peninsula and the safe-keeping, by proxy, of the oil that we still have to depend upon. Did I like them? Some of them. Did I trust them? No. Should the USA and UK keep propping up the Al-Sauds? Absolutely.

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