well this is it a new home for all the simple thought i think  

rm_jammje 49M/52F
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4/1/2006 11:33 pm

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7/21/2006 10:26 pm

well this is it a new home for all the simple thought i think

hi there if theres anybody reading this then feel free to comment i just thought id start my own blogg ive posted on a few and seems to me its a good way of getting rid of pent up frustrations.
Well anyhoo it seems it harder to think of something to say than i thought perhaps we nead somebody to bounce off perhaps thats what lifes all about bouncing of others if so make mine a well padded girl not one of those rake thin ones with the pointy elbows how much damage could they do.
i was reading a blog pet humillity shes called go there read it shes quite funny but she was writing about the wierd stuff people have asked her do. Now maybe im a prude but there is some fucked up people in the world not that im saying im not fucked up glory be ive got more baggage than british airways but sure shitting in tupperware boxes is beyond the pale . anyway she refused which makes me think shes not as cracked as she thinks she is .
so my point i here you ask well ill through the question open what really wierd or utterly rancid thing have you been asked to do answers on a postcard please

grneyedmaninva 60M
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4/2/2006 6:08 am

jammie! welcome to blog land!the plce where you can find just about anything that you could ever imagine! funny,sick, twisted and humble!
it`s all here!.........even some who are honest every once in a while!

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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4/2/2006 6:54 am

I really haven't been asked anything strange. Perhaps that means I am weird, hmmmmmmmm. Anyways welcome to the blogs

Purry {=}


angelofmercy5 58F
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4/2/2006 9:50 am

Welcome to the blogs!

Very interesting start. And you will certainly see all kinds here.

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