swinging, not solicitation  

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3/20/2006 11:03 pm
swinging, not solicitation

It seems to Rita and I that a great many of the women, single looking for men or couples have forgotten the basic rules of swinging. you date. the person or couple asking the person or couple out pays for the date, whether it be dinner, drinks what ever. if the home situation doesn't warrant retiring to there they pay for a decent hotel. if all parties enjoy the "party" they continued dating can occur, the the other party reciprocating the first. if not all parties enjoyed the party, then there is no second date, no hard feelings, nor any offense taken. sex is sex. a lot of the women on this site as well as some couple, not all of you, are in fact using this site for solicitation. solicitation is illegal in all 50 states, save for only 2 counties in Nevada, whose state legislature every year trys to make it illegal there as well. life is too short, for a couple to pay for a sitter, then dinner and hotel only to find out just as desert is being served at dinner that the date requires 100$ an hour in ordser to proceed. Rita and i wont name names, but there isn't any woman nor man on the planet sexy enough to pay 100$ for. especially seeing as all i do is spend every waking moment thinking up new ways to make the woman i am parting with reach even higher orgasms.
while i was half expecting this to occur, my wife was extremely disappointed, and so angered, that we simply paid for dinner, and then made some lame excuse we had to call home, and the baby who was still sound asleep with pour sitter, suddenly developed a high fever, and we needed to end the date. life is too i repeat too Short for women or men to confuse swinging as a way to make money. yes we all need extra money, so get a 2nd job, or take in a border, but don't charge your friends dating you for the rewards of sharing the same lifestyle;e as you.

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