The instant orgasm  

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3/24/2006 5:57 am

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The instant orgasm

The instant orgasm. There is such a thing as an instant orgasm, where the moment you slide yourself into her and she immediately explodes on you. Now every girl is different, so it may not work on everyone, but if you get them warmed up enough they might be able to instantly get off. You just have to find out what really turns your partner on. I’ll give you an example with one of my situations. My girlfriend is a really picky person when it comes to sex. There are only a couple of positions where she can orgasm from, and most others don’t really do anything for her. But thanks to my advantage I know what turns her on. She enjoys watching porno’s, especially the lesbian scenes for some reason, so I pop one of those in and let her watch it for a few minutes before I begin tickling her back and legs. From her she is laying on her stomach facing the t.v. wearing nothing but a t-shirt and her thong. So I tickle her body for a while and give her small kisses all over until I see that she’s wet. That’s when I grab one of her toys and begin playing with her clit with it. After while she gets really horny and she wants to suck my dick. So I pull her body over the top of me so her ass is in my face and I am able to please her some more while she goes down on me. Now I’m able to lick her clit and use her toy at the same time, which is a big turn on for her. But I never stick her toy inside of her, I just use it on the outside. In the process I’m also talking dirty to her to build up the anticipation of using the real thing, which she much prefers. This time I did foreplay for about an hour, so she’s really wet and I can tell she’s anxious to get started. Once I know it’s time, I push her ass forward so she can sit on my dick. I make her hover over it for a little bit so I can tease her clit with my cock, then I pull her down on top of it and she immediately ejaculated all over me. Remember, this is a very picky girl who can only get off in a couple of positions, and the one I made her get off in, isn’t one of them. So get your girl really warmed up, and talk dirty to her to make her want your stuff even more, because once she gets it, she’ll thank you.

playdate88 49M/44F
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3/24/2006 7:31 am

I totally know that your talking about,,belive it or not,,my hubby can make me have multiple orgasms in an instant,,,we've been together for 18 years,,that might have something to do with it,,,he {=}'s me perfectly,,,and knows how to >>! and when to crack the ?*,,,

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